National Language Campaigns

National Language Campaigns

Language connects people from different walks of life and strengthens community bonding. The Language Council Secretariat's mission is to ensure that our National Languages and culture continues to be one of the key uniting elements in our multi-language, multi-racial and multi-religious society.

The Language Councils Secretariat provides secretariat support for the Speak Good English Movement, the Promote Mandarin Council, the Tamil Language Council and Malay Language Council of Singapore. This includes strategy development and execution of the four official national language campaigns.

Inspiring Teacher of English Award 2015

Speak Good English Movement

The Speak Good English Movement (SGEM) aims to highlight the need for Singaporeans to speak Standard English. Speaking English well is necessary in order for us to maintain our competitive edge both locally and globally. Being able to speak and write Standard English also helps Singaporeans to express themselves well and communicate better so that they can be understood.

Together with its partners, the Movement organise programmes throughout the year for people to learn and speak good English in a fun and interesting way. These activities include workshops at the public libraries and the annual Inspiring Teacher of English Awards.

The Movement also has a pronunciation guide that contains commonly mispronounced words recorded in a Singaporean voice. This guide is regularly updated and is available in the form of an iPhone app called "Say It Right" as well as online.

Inspiring Teacher of English Award

The Inspiring Teacher of English Award is presented by the Speak Good English Movement and The Straits Times, with the support of the Ministry of Education. This national award acknowledges teachers of English in Singapore schools who are effective in helping their students speak and write better, as well as ignite in them a love for the English language. 

Speak Mandarin Campaign

Speak Mandarin Campaign

The Speak Mandarin Campaign, led by the Promote Mandarin Council, encourages Chinese Singaporeans to improve their Mandarin and deepen their knowledge of Chinese culture and language. The campaign also works with partners in various communities to engage Chinese Singaporeans to speak and use Mandarin in their daily lives.



MLCS - Bulan Bahasa 2016

Malay Language Council

The Malay Language Council, Singapore (MLCS) was established in 1981. MLCS promotes the usage of the Malay Language in the community through developing the expertise of promoters and activists. The Council also seeks to develop intellectual discourse on language development by providing regional exposure to members of academia.

MLCS organises the Malay Language Month annually and the Malay Literary Awards on alternate years.


Tamil Language Council

The Tamil Language Council (TLC) aims to promote the usage and development of Tamil in Singapore and this is achieved through partnership with the Indian community. Their focus is on encouraging spoken Tamil among the masses, especially youth.

TLC organises the Tamil Language Festival, an annual signature event annually. The event aims to create awareness and buzz about the Tamil Language and culture as well as instil confidence and pride in speaking the language.