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NHB's internship programme aims to attract high calibre students who has the keen interest in what we do, that is championing the development of a vibrant cultural and heritage sector in Singapore.

This programme is designed to deliver hands-on and cross-disciplinary experience. We believe that such an exposure is invaluable in enhancing your future employability. During the internship, you will be presented with opportunities to learn from experienced officers and be exposed to variety of work projects. You will be required to take on or be involved in a pre-assigned project and complete the deliverables by the end of the internship. You will be assigned with a mentor to guide you along and to provide feedback for further development.

Internship Period

NHB’s internship is offered twice a year, from May to July, and July to August. If you are studying overseas and are not available during these periods, do let us know. We will try to accommodate your schedule, subject to the agreement of the museums / divisions.

What We Look For


Have an open and inquiring mind! To get the most out of the programme, you are encouraged to maintain a positive and enthusiastic attitude. Should you face any problems, feel free to approach your mentor.

Punctuality & Attire

You are expected to report for official duties punctually. Unless otherwise specified, you are required to report for your internship in office attire.

Undertaking to Safeguard Official Information

You will be required to sign the "Undertaking to Safeguard Official Information" form when you report on the first day of the programme.

Leave of Absence

You will not be eligible for any paid leave during your internship programme with us. However, if you need to go on leave to attend to personal matters, you should obtain prior approval from your mentor. Your allowance will be deducted accordingly for the period of absence.

Monthly Rates

A monthly internship allowance will be paid to you. It ranges from SGD450 to SGD1000.

Transport Expenses

You will be reimbursed for transport expenses incurred for official duty. Please check with your mentor for acceptable mode of transport and transport claim procedures.

How to Join


You are eligible if you

  • Are a Singapore citizen or Singapore permanent resident;
  • Have a good Co-Curricular Activities record;
  • Have excellent university and school academic results;
  • Meet the requirements for the projects as specified by the Board;
  • Have a positive attitude and interest in this programme;
  • Are applying as part of your University/polytechnic required internship programme

Internship Positions Available

Application closed.

To apply and supporting documents required

Please send in a copy of the NHB internship application form together with your resume to