Nyonya Needlework: Embroidery and Beadwork in the Peranakan World

Author: Cheah Hwei-Fe'n

ISBN: 978-981-11-0852-5
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 284
Price: SGD 50

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Nyonya Needlework expands on a special exhibition held during 2016-17 at the Peranakan Museum. Guest curator Cheah Hwei-Fe'n examines parallel techniques of embroidery, work with gold thread, lace and drawn needlework in this profusely illustrated volume. In her careful analysis of the techniques associated with Peranakan objects, she reveals a complex network of cultural connections. The various types of needlework were practised by women and men, and drew upon techniques from Europe, India, China, and the Malay world. There were many cross-cultural surprises within: gold embroidery derives not only from European military brocade but from ancient Chinese thread techniques of gold strips wrapped around paper. Many other techniques were long practised in remote island of the Malay Archipelago.