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LET’S LEARN ABOUT… is a series of online resources perfect for children and grown-ups to enjoy together! Every month, look out for a wide range of topics, bite-size fun facts, quizzes, puzzles, videos, and sharing from the museum folks at ACM to help you learn more about our objects.


In December, Let’s Learn Aboutcelebrations over food! As the year wraps up, take some time to celebrate your family and friends, and explore objects from ACM's collection that remind us of having food together.


In November, Let's Learn About...Natural DyesWatch a video on dyes made from our natural environment, then try creating your own yellow fabric from turmeric. 


In October, Let's Learn About...Children's DayFind out how Children’s Day is celebrated around Asia, and discover objects from our collection that were made with children in mind.


In September, Let's Learn About...Mid-Autumn Festival and discover some objects from our collection that relate to the moon.


In August, Let’s Learn AboutOur Home, Our Nation! Learn about our past from the objects unearthed around the Singapore River, close to where ACM is located. 


In July, Let’s Learn AboutRacial Harmony Day! Celebrate cultural diversity by taking a look at objects in ACM’s collection. 


In June, Let’s Learn About…Dragons! Read about the Dragon Boat Festival and listen to a storytelling audio clip on the legend of the four dragons in ancient China.


In May, Let’s Learn About…Hari Raya Puasa! Find out more about this celebration and discover some treasures from the Islamic world in ACM's collection.


In April, Let’s Learn About…Celebrating the New Year in Southeast Asia! April is the month of the New Year for some Southeast Asian countries. Find out why and how it is celebrated. 


In March, Let’s Learn About…Keeping Healthy and Calm! Changes around us can make us feel anxious or overwhelmed. Find out some ways to bring back a sense of balance to our lives by discovering some of ACM’s objects. 


In February, Let’s Learn About…Lunar New Year! 2021 is the Year of the Ox, so find out more about the ox and other cattle – cows, bulls, water buffaloes – and their symbolism in different Asian cultures.


In January, Let's Learn Aboutstationery from the past! As school reopens with the new year, find out what people of the past might have had in their study spaces.





In December, Let’s Learn About…Christmas and some objects from our collection that relate to this holiday.


In November, Let’s Learn About…Deepavali


In October, Let’s Learn About…making ceramics!


In September, Let’s Learn About...the educators at our museum!  


In August, in line with National Day, Let’s Learn About...Cross-Cultural Art!


In July, Let’s Learn About...Chinese Art and Couture



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