28 Dec 2018 - 29 Dec 2018

Friday, 28 Dec | 6pm to 9pm
Saturday, 29 Dec | 1pm to 8pm

Getting here

ACM is a 5-minute walk from Raffles Place MRT Station (Exit H)


Admission to programmes is free

Asian Culture and Music Series – Thailand

Friday, 28 December 2018, 7 to 9pm &
Saturday, 29 December 2018, 1 to 8pm

Dive into a thousand years of Asian traditions through performances, workshops, and evening concerts at the Asian Civilisations Museum. In December, we end the year with amazing Thailand.

Be mesmerised by traditional Thai Khon and folk dance performances by the river. Join in special Thai craft and food workshops, and demonstrations by experience crafters and chefs. Play dress up and snap a photo with friends and family in beautiful traditional Thai costumes. Then end the evening at Empress Lawn grooving to a Thai pop concert!


Programme Schedule




Thai Pop Concert

Wi-5i band, based in Singapore, is a mix of veteran musicians fronted by Pam (Nalinee Norateetan) and P’ting (Udom Kiattivikrai) from Thailand. Pam has vast experience in performing both traditional Thai cultural music and contemporary Thai pop hits. P’ing graduated from the prestigious Chulalongkorn University and is an exceptional multi-instrumentalist who playes keyboards, saxophone, and traditional Thai flute. Their blend of music, wit, and entertainment is bound to excite any audience. Come experience their catchy, infectious Thai grooves and dance moves!


Traditional Thai Performances

Thai Khon Performance
Through stunning costumes and precise movements, be transported to another world and time. Once performed exclusively for the royal court, Khon is a spectacular traditional dance performance featuring scenes and characters from the Ramakien, the Thai version of the ancient Indian Ramayana. Khon combines different art forms – drama, music, sculpture, painting, and crafts – into a complex, elegant performance that is uniquely Thai.

In this performance, The Floating Lady, Totsakan (Ravana), blinded by passion, ponders how to claim Sida (Sita), the object of his love. He attempts to trick Phra Ram (Rama), but is discovered by Hanuman, the general of Phra Ram’s monkey army, who is not so easily fooled by tricks and appearances.

Thai Folk Dance Performance
Experience a medley of Thai folk dances, including “Ra-bum ching” and “Serng Yae Kai Mot Dang”, which celebrate the beauty and joy of dance. Join in the dance circle by learning simple yet graceful hand movements and footwork!


Thai Food Workshops & Demonstrations

Satiate your sweet tooth and street food cravings with workshops and cooking demos featuring favourite Thai treats.


  • Family Fun
    Saturdays@ACM: Journey to the West

    Immerse yourself in the dramatic replay of one of Journey to the West epic tales and complete your day with matching finger puppets.

  • Family Fun
    Saturdays@ACM: Wide-Eyed Wanderer

    Watch the interactive drama on Zheng He, and build your own mini treasure ship as you embark on your own adventure into ACM's special exhibition Luminous Splendour to discover treasures from the Ming courts.

  • Family Fun
    Saturdays@ACM: Whole New World

    Create and put on your little explorer's hat. Then travel all across Asia and take an adventure to a whole new world through exciting tales and intriguing drama performances.