28 Nov 2020 - 25 Dec 2020

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Getting here




Celebrate your school holidays with us! Tap into your imagination to go on a journey. Learn about some objects that relate to getting around. This month, you can make your own paper ship – where will it take you? Listen to a folktale from Laos told by ACT 3 International that transports you to a magical land and back again.  

 act 3 nov saa

Audio storytelling by ACT 3 International

Listen to a folktale from Laos about a beautiful white swan and the magical Land of Flowers. 


Suitable for ages 4 to 8.



saa nov 2020 craft 

Create your own ship by Lollibox

Download this template and create your own ship inspired by the model on display in the Tang Shipwreck gallery.

Don’t forget to share your creations with us @ACM_SG!

Suitable for ages 5 to 10, with parental guidance.





 saa nov changsha bowl

Bowl with Makara

Changsha kilns, China, around 830s

Stoneware, diameter 20 cm


saa nov 2020 xiamen waterfront


China, mid-19th century

Oil on canvas, 43.2 x 75.5 cm

Discover modes of travel in our collection. 


Look closely at the bowl. The artist has sketched a creature, which is probably supposed to be a makara, the vehicle of the Hindu river goddess Ganga. A makara is often depicted with parts of a crocodile, fish, goat, and elephant. If you are interested in another object that features a makara, click here. Now head to the Maritime Trade Gallery and search for a painting of Xiamen. Xiamen was one of the main ports in Fujian province, China, and one of the major centres of trade with Southeast Asia. The majority of Chinese in Southeast Asia trace their ancestral roots to Fujian province. Click here to read more on the scene painted. How many different vessels can you spot in the painting?

What else would you like to see? Complete a short survey here to share your thoughts. 


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    Saturdays@ACM: Blue and White

    Discover the allure of blue-and-white ceramics in world trade! Listen to stories of iconic characters found in our collection, and create a coaster inspired by one of the designs on display. 

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