30 May 2021

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Create your own paper wallet with a batik-inspired design. Watch a storytelling video or catch a livestream drama performance inspired by the beautiful textiles on display in the Fashion and Textiles Gallery.


 ACMA_May - Storytelling2_web

Story Time
ACM Facebook
Premiere at 1.30pm

Listen to how a batik seller outsmarted three cheeky monkeys.

Suitable for ages 5 to 7.

Watch here.



 ACMA_May - Drama_web

Move It! Drama Performance
ACM Facebook
Livestream at 2pm

Join us and get moving to this adaptation of an Indonesian folktale from the comfort of your own home.

Suitable for ages 7 to 10.

Watch here.



  ACMA_May - Craft_web

Let's Get Crafty!
ACM Website 
All day

Download the template and watch a step-by-step video tutorial to create your own batik-inspired paper wallet.

Suitable for ages 5 to 10, with parental guidance.

Download template here.





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