19 Jun 2020 - 5 Jul 2020

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About Singapore Heritage Festival at ACM
In conjunction with Singapore Heritage Festival this year, ACM presents Home, and Away, to showcase histories and personal stories of people who have crossed borders and relocated from one home to another. Explore exchanges of ideas and cultures via trade and migration as Singapore grew and developed as a multicultural society. Discover and share stories of home, and away.


Ramah Tamah
Singaporean artist Alecia Neo explores hospitality rituals performed by women in this region using betel leaf. The video project ramah-tamah is an interpretive performance that traces the evolution of these rituals through poetry, movement, and sound.
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A Memoir
Read stories from ACM staff and docents whom you may have seen at the museum. Which objects in the galleries remind them of home? What objects have they been thinking about during our Circuit Breaker? Appreciate ACM through their eyes in this series of personal accounts. Perhaps you will look at some things differently afterwards? 
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Stories of Home
What is that one item that reminds you of home while you're away from home? It may be an everyday object that you take on your journey, or something intangible like a distinctive way of speaking that you overhear while travelling, or even the aromas of cooking that make you crave for the warmth of home. Tell us your story of home, and discover more stories here. 
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Whispers from the Past 
Be one of the first to listen to ACM's new audio descriptions of highlighted objects from our galleries. Get to know ACM artworks in a new way, and discover their origins and past journeys around the world as we bring objects from ACM to your home.
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    Saturdays@ACM: A Whole New World

    Travel across Asia, and take an adventure to a whole new world through exciting tales and art making. 

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    Follow Singaporean artist Alecia Neo on a visual journey in this interpretive piece, inspired by culturally diverse women across generations.

  • Whispers from the Past

    Be one of the first to listen to ACM’s new audio descriptions of highlights in our galleries.

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