17 Jun 2021

Thursday, 7pm


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Director’s sharing:
ACM 2021 – Singapore’s National Museum of Asian Antiquities and Decorative Art
Kennie Ting

In April 2020, ACM completed and launched its Level 3 permanent galleries, which display Fashion and Textiles, Jewellery, and Ceramics. These new galleries celebrate Asian craftsmanship and aesthetic excellence. The launch also marked the completion of a multi-year refresh of the museum’s curatorial mission and gallery spaces. Unfortunately, they were set to open to the public just three days before Singapore’s Circuit Breaker (early April 2020), and opportunities to promote the museum’s new approach since then have been limited.

Join Director Kennie Ting for this much-delayed, first public talk about ACM's new positioning as Singapore’s National Museum of Asian Antiquities and Decorative Art. This aligns with ACM's by now familiar cross-cultural, thematic curatorial approach – with the three levels of the museum spotlighting Maritime Trade, Faith and Belief, and Materials and Design. It also strengthens the role ACM seeks to play in Singapore and the region. Kennie will also touch on how the pandemic has impacted work at the museum.

Accompanying this talk is the launch of the book Director’s Choice: Asian Civilisations Museum, the latest entry in the worldwide, multi-volume series by Scala Arts & Heritage Publishers. The book highlights the museum’s masterpieces and its devotion to the rich artistic heritage of Asia.


About the Speaker


Kennie Ting is the Director of the Asian Civilisations Museum and the Peranakan Museum, and concurrently Group Director, Museums at the National Heritage Board (NHB) Singapore, overseeing national museums and festivals managed by NHB. As Director of the Asian Civilisations Museum, he has overseen the shift in the museum’s curatorial approach from a geographical focus to a thematic, cross-cultural focus, and from an ethnographic focus to a focus on decorative arts.

He has helmed recent exhibitions on the arts of Myanmar, Korea, Angkor, Java, and Japan; on the material culture of cosmopolitan Asian port cities; as well as on contemporary Chinese couture and contemporary photography. He is interested in the history of travel and the heritage of Asian port cities and is the author of the books The Romance of the Grand Tour – 100 Years of Travel in South East Asia and Singapore 1819 – A Living Legacy.


ACMtalks brings leading scholars in conversation with curators at ACM to explore our core curatorial themes: Maritime Trade, Faith & Belief, and Materials & Design. These lectures and discussions will illuminate aspects of the museum’s collection strengths in export art and sacred objects, as well as Asian fashion and textiles, lacquer and silver, jewellery, and ceramics. Webinars take place on the third Thursday of every month, from 7 to 8 pm, Singapore Standard Time (UTC+08).

ACMtalks is supported by Kris Foundation
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