24 Jul 2020



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About the Webinar

It is commonly known that many Asian cultures created formal gardens according to specific principles of landscape architecture and abstract symbolism. It is less well known that Southeast Asia was one of these cultures. This talk will start by giving examples of Southeast Asian gardens, starting with 7th-century Srivijaya. It will conclude by showing how the recent redevelopment of Fort Canning used some elements of traditional Southeast Asian gardens.

About the speaker
John N. Miksic was born in Rochester, New York. He received his PhD from Cornell University based on archaeological fieldwork in Sumatra. He has lived in Southeast Asia since 1968. In 1987 he moved to the National University of Singapore, where he is emeritus professor in the Southeast Asian Studies Department. His book Singapore and the Silk Road of the Sea won the inaugural NUS Singapore History Prize in 2018, for the best book on Singapore history. His specialties include historical archaeology of Southeast Asia, urbanisation, trade, Buddhism, and ceramics.

Image: Photo of Pura Laut, Bali. Courtesy of John Miksic.




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