28 Jan 2022



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The Year of the Tiger: Tigers in Chinese art & lore
Patricia Bjaaland Welch


Explore the Chinese world of tigers – from tiger rock art to Tiger Balm – with our annual Chinese New Year speaker, Patricia Bjaaland Welch. This talk will be given as a Monday Morning Lecture on 24 January at 11am, and again on Friday, January 28, at 7pm, so as many people as possible may be entertained and educated by this outstanding scholar and communicator.

About the Speaker
Patricia is a 20+ year veteran of FOM and has just celebrated her 20th year as a happy volunteer guide at ACM and active council member of the Southeast Asian Ceramic Society. Her love of Chinese art takes her back to China annually, often leading FOM study groups, which she hopes to be able to resume soon again.


Image courtesy of Patricia Welch.