7 Oct 2021 - 11 Nov 2021


7-28 October 2021
12pm London; 7pm Singapore

4-11 November 2021
11am London; 7pm Singapore


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This lecture series will explore what it means to decolonise the museum and curatorial practice in a Southeast Asian context. The speakers cover a range of topics, including the display of Buddhist and Hindu sculpture, ethnographic and colonial collections, curating contemporary art, and the use and exhibition of Southeast Asian material in western museums.

The series seeks to problematise the idea of decolonisation and emphasise the need for specificity when applying this concept and process in Southeast Asian contexts. The region is culturally diverse, and its experience of colonialism uneven. Given this, do all museums need to decolonise equally or even at all? What form would a decolonial curatorial practice take? What initiatives have institutions or individual practitioners carried out so far and how successful have they been? These are just some of the pertinent questions that the speakers will address.



Thursday 7 Oct, 12pm London; 7pm Singapore
What Does Decolonial Curatorial Practice Look like in a Global and Southeast Asian Context?

Stephen Murphy, Pratapaditya Pal Senior Lecturer in Curating and Museology of Asian Art, Department of History of Art and Archaeology, SOAS University of London

M.L. Pattaratorn Chirapravati, Professor, Asian Art History and Curatorial Studies, California State University, Sacramento

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Thursday 14 Oct, 12pm London; 7pm Singapore
Mining the Museum: Contemporary Art and Decolonial Practice in Southeast Asia

Pamela N. Corey, Assistant Professor, Art and Media Studies, Fulbright University Vietnam

Vera Mey, PhD Candidate, Department of History of Art and Archaeology, SOAS University of London

Shabbir Hussain Mustafa, Senior Curator, National Gallery Singapore

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Thursday 21 Oct, 12pm London; 7pm Singapore
Must We Decolonise the Museum? Sacred and Ritual Art and the Raffles Collection in Singapore

Conan Cheong, Curator for Southeast Asia, Asian Civilisations Museum

Faisal Husni, Assistant Curator for Island Southeast Asia, Asian Civilisations Museum

Sujatha Arundathi Meegama, Assistant Professor of Art History, Nanyang Technological University

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Thursday 28 Oct, 12pm London; 7pm Singapore
(Re)contextualising the Dong Duong Buddhist Art Gallery at the Da Nang Museum of Cham Sculpture

Duyen Nguyen, PhD Candidate, Department of History of Art and Archaeology, SOAS

Rie Nakamura, Visiting Researcher, Asian Cultures Research Institute, Toyo University, Japan

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Thursday 4 Nov, 11am London; 7pm Singapore
Decolonisation in Colonial Institutions: Reparative Approaches to Philippine Collections in a U.S. University

Ricky Punzalan, Associate Professor of Information, University of Michigan

Cristina Martinez-Juan, Senior Teaching and Research Fellow, project head for Philippine Studies at SOAS University of London

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Thursday 11 Nov, 11am London; 7pm Singapore
The Politics of Greater India and Indonesian Collections in Museums of ‘Asian Art’

Marieke Bloembergen, Senior Researcher, KITLV - Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies, and Professor in Archival and Postcolonial Studies, Institute for History, Leiden University

Mathilde Mechling, Independent Researcher, Singapore

Panggah Ardiyansyah, PhD Candidate, Department of History of Art and Archaeology, SOAS University of London

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Image: Headless Buddha image at the eighth century temple of Candi Sewu, Central Java, Indonesia



Jointly organised by the Southeast Asian Art Academic Programme, SOAS University of London, and the Asian Civilisations Museum, Singapore

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