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Heritage Participation Grant

Singapore's heritage scene thrives and continues to grow with a variety of programmes, events and exhibitions that help to cultivate an appreciation of our heritage.

The Heritage Participation Grant (HPG) aims to support and enable a wide range of participants to step forth and take the initiative to promote and foster a deeper sense of appreciation of our shared heritage.

Heritage Project Grant

The Heritage Project Grant (HP) aims to provide a higher level of support for projects with the potential to make a significant and lasting contribution to Singapore’s heritage scene.

This grant also encourages a stronger and more sustained ground ownership of heritage projects.

Heritage Research Grant

The Heritage Research Grant aims to encourage institutes of higher learning (IHLs), think tanks, heritage NGOs, academics and researchers to embark on heritage-related research and/or technology-based projects for the documentation and preservation of Singapore’s heritage.

National Monuments Fund

National Heritage Board Scholarship

National Arts Council Scholarship

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