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Mr Edmond Chin

Mr Edmond Chin is a long-time friend and benefactor of the Asian Civilisations Museum (ACM). Born in Singapore, Mr Chin graduated from Oxford University with a degree in geography. His lifelong interest and passion for jewellery and design led him to become a curator, collector and head of the jewellery department at Christie’s Hong Kong, and finally the proprietor of his own jewellery salon Etcetera Ltd, based in Hong Kong. In 2015, Mr Chin donated objects to strengthen ACM’s Chinese and Peranakan collections. His donation of four marble sculptures from Hebei and Shaanxi province fill a significant gap in the museum’s collection of early Chinese Buddhist sculpture.

The elaborately carved, 18th-century Teochew (Chaozhou) lacquered door frame he donated is a fine example of craftsmanship from that region. This generous donation also includes a rare and beautiful Straits Chinese gold wedding belt (known as the “Peacock Belt”), donated by Mr Chin. This belt, which has been on display at a number of ground-breaking exhibitions, is now a part of the permanent collection in the Peranakan Museum (TPM). Mr Chin’s generous donations, including those he had donated previously, are important additions to the collections of both the ACM and TPM, creating a more comprehensive cultural narrative in the permanent collections. Mr Chin’s generous and continued support for ACM and TPM has strengthened their existing collections and is deeply appreciated.

Image 1
Mr Chin Donated a marble sculpture, 'Seated Lion', from the Tang Dynasty (618-907).

Mr Chin donated this resplendent Peacock Belt, made from gold and diamonds, to the Peranakan Museum.

Image 3

Part of Mr Chin's donation is a marble 'Plaque with Buddhas and attendants', from the Hebei province, dated 664 - 655.