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Aims Productions (SG) Pte Ltd

Aims Production (SG) Pte Ltd is a local professional media services company and a first time supporter of the annual Singapore Heritage Festival (SHF) in 2015. Aims Production was the official projection partner and provided the equipment and technical expertise for a light installation along the Singapore River entitled ‘From the Belly of the Carp’. Large crowds gathered to view the eye-catching light projection that charted the narrative history of the Singapore River.

The invaluable support of Aims Production ensured the success of a highlight event at the Singapore Heritage Festival. This unique installation has been able to raise awareness of the Singapore River’s rich history, a central feature of the 2015 Singapore Heritage Festival.

‘From the Belly of the Carp’ at the South Bank of the Singapore River. Beyond being a symbol of prosperity, the carp represents the return of aquatic life in the Singapore River following the Clean Rivers campaign launched in 1977.

American Express

American Express is a global financial services company. The company believes in preserving and sustaining important heritage locations for future generations. In 2015, American Express supported the revamp of the Singapore River Walk. This walk takes visitors on a journey from Collyer Quay to Robertson Quay. Visitors will learn the story of the river and how it facilitated Singapore’s mercantile development through the various communities who lived and worked nearby. The walk also highlights the spectacular architecture and social history of the bridges that crisscross the river, which allowed for the movement of people and goods across the river at various junctures.

The generous support from American Express of the Singapore River Walk has enabled the National Heritage Board to create an enhanced experience for visitors with a new storyline and additional marked sites. The revamped Singapore River Walk and upcoming virtual reality website ensures a more comprehensive and cohesive retelling of this chapter of the Singapore story.

A site marker along the Singapore River Walk.

Armenian Apostolic Church of St. Gregory the Illuminator

In partnership with the Singapore Night Festival for the second consecutive year, the Armenian Apostolic Church of St. Gregory the Illuminator hosted the Night Lights installation work Hanami and Embruns De Lune, where roving artists whispered a poem or a word on love. Both the installation and the poetry programme were well-received and relished by many festival-goers. As one of the oldest churches in Singapore with a rich heritage, the Armenian Church was a compelling location for the light installations, intertwining the arts and heritage.

Hanami, by Cie Mastoc Production (France), a light installation inspired by the Japanese tradition of celebrating the blooming of cherry blossoms in spring.

Chinese Women's Association

The Chinese Women’s Association (CWA) is committed to participating in community action by contributing to charitable and civic causes. The President of the CWA, Mrs Betty Chen, has been a long-time supporter of the National Museum of Singapore (NMS), and has previously served on the NMS Board. In 2015, the CWA conducted fundraisers towards the NMS Legacy Fund, which supports a diverse range of the museum’s projects. The CWA’s continued support towards NMS has allowed the museum to grow its efforts in preserving and promoting our nation’s heritage. The strong support rendered by the Association is greatly appreciated by the National Heritage Board.

Chinese Women’s Association supported Leading Ladies: Women Making a Difference at NMS, an exhibition which pays tribute to women at the forefront of community service in the 21st century.

Mr Chong Fah Cheong

Renowned Singapore sculptor Chong Fah Cheong donated two of his works, Golek Bergolek and Night & Day, to the NUS Museum in 2015. Golek Bergolek is a play on a child’s rolling doll, while Night & Day mirrors the dark and light energies of nature. The sculptures sit directly on the floor, bringing to the fore the Southeast Asian tradition of actively utilizing the ground as a surface for work, play and rest.

These works are important additions to the NUS Museum’s collection of contemporary Southeast Asian art, stimulating a discussion on the use of traditional art forms in an era of more formal and conceptual mediums.

Golek Bergolek by Chong Fah Cheong, an installation constituting 9 sculpted teak pieces.

City Developments Limited

City Developments Limited (CDL), a home-grown global real estate operating company, has been a strong supporter of the local arts and heritage scene. A long-time partner of the National Museum of Singapore, CDL supported its special exhibition, Treasures of the World from the British Museum, in 2015. Furthermore, in celebration of the Singapore Botanic Gardens’ successful inscription as Singapore’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site, CDL initiated a fundraising gala dinner. The late Mr Kwek Leng Joo, CDL deputy chairman and an avid photographer also launched a special limited edition photo art book, ‘Embrace’, which showcased images taken by Mr Kwek within the lush grounds of the Gardens. Proceeds from both the gala dinner and the sale of the books went towards supporting the Preservation of Sites and Monuments division of the National Heritage Board (NHB).

‘Embrace’, a special limited edition photo art book by the late Mr Kwek Leng Joo, CDL deputy chairman. The proceeds from the sale of the books went towards supporting the Preservation of Sites and Monuments division of NHB.

Dato's Er Kok Leong

Dato’s Er Kok Leong received the Nanyang Distinguished Alumni Award in 2009 for his technical breakthrough in palm oil refining and refraction. Dato’s Er is passionate about giving back to his alma mater, and continues to maintain strong ties with the Nanyang Technological University (NTU). In 2015, Dato’s Er made a donation towards the Chinese Heritage Centre, an autonomous institute of NTU, in support of the Centre’s Endowment Fund. In addition, Dato’s Er proactively imparts his knowledge and shares his work experience with NTU students in the University’s Technopreneurship & Innovation Program.

Dato’s Er Kok Leong supported the Chinese Heritage Centre in Nanyang Technological University.

Givaudan Singapore Pte Ltd

Givaudan is the global leader in the creation of fragrances and flavours. Using creative insights and state-of-the-art technology, Givaudan has provided the sensorial expertise to enrich the new permanent galleries at the National Museum of Singapore (NMS) by creating unique scents to complement the Modern Colony and the Goh Seng Choo Gallery, as well as creating interactive scents for the Singapore History Gallery such as the ‘Singapore River’ and ‘Tembusu Flowers’ to engage visitors’ olfactory senses. Attesting to their enduring commitment towards heritage efforts, Givaudan will provide the fragrances and consultancy services to ensure the continued quality of the scents in each of the NMS galleries for 10 years.

Givaudan’s contributions have allowed NMS to provide visitors a complete sensory experience, deepening their engagement with our local heritage. The recreation of historical scents has been instrumental in creating an enhanced learning experience, making heritage come to life for visitors.

Visitors experiencing the scents created by Givaudan at the ‘Transforming Singapore Landscape’ installation.

Hong Soon Choe Choo Pte Ltd

Hong Soon Choe Choo Pte Ltd is managed by the descendants of Tan Kim Seng, a third generation Straits Chinese and prominent philanthropist. In 2015, the company generously donated a 19th century photographed portrait and two watercolour portraits to the NUS Museum. The watercolour portraits depict the philanthropist in the setting of his villa, Panglima Prang, which was located along River Valley Road.

The generous contributions of these historical portraits from Hong Soon Choe Choo play an important role in contributing to the study of portraiture in 19th century Singapore, as well as enriching the collection of the NUS Museum.

Portrait of Tan Kim Seng, a watercolour painting from the 1860s, was donated to the NUS Museum by Hong Soon Choe Choo Pte Ltd.

InterContinental Singapore

A luxury landmark set in the heart of a historic precinct, InterContinental Singapore is deeply rooted in the heritage of the arts and cultural districts of Bugis and Bras Basah. Drawing on the city’s rich heritage, the hotel exudes a residential charm that harmoniously marries luxury and elegance with hints of locality. In 2015, InterContinental Singapore supported a range of heritage projects. They generously provided catering support for the Patron of Heritage Awards over 2 years. They also supported the Treasures of the World from the British Museum exhibition and other special exhibitions with accommodation for international curators and couriers, providing excellent hospitality and meaningful support to these projects.

International couriers installing the Mummy-board, an iconic artefact at the Treasures of the World from the British Museum exhibition. InterContinental Singapore generously provided accommodation for international curators and couriers. 

Mr Koh Lip Koon & Mr Koh Lip Siang

Mr Koh Lip Koon and Mr Koh Lip Siang, sons of the late artist Koh Cheng Foo, prominently known by his pen-name Ma Ge or Marco Hsu, have donated 102 artworks done by Mr Koh to the NUS Museum at the encouragement of their sister, Madam Phillips Hsu. The donation comprises 47 works of calligraphy and 55 sketches made in memory of their father’s efforts to promote culture and education during Singapore’s early years of independence.

The generous donation of these important paintings enables the Museum to make an important connection between Marco Hsu’s book, ‘A Brief History of Malayan Art’ and the current collection of paintings. With this donation, NUS Museum now has an extensive and impressive collection of art that tells the story of post-independence Singapore, facilitating a richer cultural understanding of that era.

An undated watercolour painting by Marco Hsu, titled View of Singapore River, donated to the NUS Museum by Mr Koh Lip Koon & Mr Koh Lip Siang.

Performance in Lighting

Performance in Lighting (PIL) has been a strong supporter of Singapore’s built heritage. For Singapore Heritage Fest 2015, PIL sponsored the light-up of Al-Abrar Mosque, a national monument along Telok Ayer Street. PIL, in consultation with the community concerned, conceptualized the lighting design and supported the whole event, making it a key feature of the Telok Ayer Street Light up. This effort attracted many people from diverse backgrounds to visit the mosque for the first time.

Performance in Lighting sponsored the light-up of the Al-Abrar Mosque, located along Telok Ayer Street.

Sembcorp Industries Pte Ltd

Sembcorp Industries Ltd is a leading water, energy and marine group and a first-time supporter of the National Museum of Singapore (NMS). In 2015, Sembcorp Industries supported the Integrated Audience Development Technology Platform for NMS, which utilises an interactive technology platform to engage visitors more deeply with exhibition content. The donation helped fund a mobile application which visitors can access on their smartphones, providing a more interactive museum experience for visitors.

Sembcorp Industries’ support of NMS has allowed the museum to connect with tech-savvy audiences in a dynamic manner. Their kind donation has further enhanced visitor engagement, making the museum accessible to diverse audiences.

With the NMS mobile application supported by Sembcorp, visitors can navigate the exhibition galleries and access additional content at their fingertips.

Singapore Art Museum

Singapore Art Museum (SAM) has been a major partner of the Singapore Night Festival. In 2015, SAM hosted a highlight performance, The Garden of Fire & Light by Starlight Alchemy at their front lawn. The performance by Starlight Alchemy showcased multi-disciplinary flow arts, an amalgamation of movement-based disciplines. In addition, SAM hosted three installations as part of The Garden of Fire and Light, which comprised of fibre-optic technology, dancing LED lights and a flaming sand pit over the second weekend of the festival. Both the performance and installations drew large crowds to the Festival. Additionally, SAM hosted And So They Say, a documentary project and installation which offered a glimpse into the lives of Singapore’s pioneer generation at 8Q Plaza over the duration of the festival, paying homage to the hands and hearts that built the nation.

SAM’s in-kind venue sponsorship has underpinned the success of the Night Festival, weaving together the arts and heritage in the Bras Basah.Bugis Precinct over two weekends.

The performance by Starlight Alchemy at the front lawn of SAM.

Singapore Management University

Singapore Management University (SMU) has been a partner of the Singapore Night Festival since the Festival’s conception. In 2015, SMU was a venue sponsor of the Festival Village, where there was a food and beverage bazaar, a flea market, music and dance performances and movie screenings. SMU also offered the use of the walkway along the School of Accountancy for the ‘Light Up the Wheelies’, a showcase of unicycle specialists, as well as the SMU U-Square for a light installation performance ‘Very Wishing Exhibition’. SMU’s location in the heart of the Arts and Heritage precinct makes it an important venue sponsor, and its enduring partnership with NHB for Singapore Night Festival is deeply appreciated.

The vibrant Festival Village located at the Campus Green in SMU.

SMRT Commercial Pte Ltd

SMRT Commercial Pte Ltd specialises in offering innovative advertisement spaces in train stations and carriages, and is a first-time supporter of the National Museum of Singapore (NMS). In 2015, SMRT Commercial lent marketing support to the Treasures of the World from the British Museum exhibition. Through the partnership, the museum receives prominent advertisement spots to display the exhibition’s publicity posters that line City Hall MRT Station.

SMRT Commercial’s offer of media spaces contributed to boosting exposure and publicity of the exhibition, in full view of commuters from all walks of life.

SMRT Commercial displayed large format posters along City Hall MRT station.

Mr Tan Ah Ee

Mr Tan Ah Ee is a renowned philatelist both locally and globally, having attained numerous awards for his extensive philatelic collection in international philatelic exhibitions.

In 2015, Mr Tan Ah Ee donated a special philatelic item to the Singapore Philatelic Museum – an 1865 wrapper, sent from Singapore to Paris, bearing a large number of rare 1856-64 Indian stamps. Mr Tan Ah Ee’s donation is an important addition to the Singapore Philatelic Museum’s Straits Settlements collection.

Large unique 1865 postal wrapper sent from Singapore to Paris bearing multiple 1856-64 Indian stamps.

Tanoto Foundation

Tanoto Foundation was started by Mr. Sukanto Tanoto and Mrs. Tinah Bingei Tanoto in 1981. The Foundation strives to be a center of excellence in poverty alleviation through education, empowerment, and enhancement of quality of lives. In 2015, Tanoto Foundation generously supported the Chinese Heritage Centre with a cash donation. The support of Tanoto Foundation has enabled the Chinese Heritage Centre to extend its outreach beyond the walls of the university and further its public engagement initiatives in areas like public lectures and exhibitions.

Tanoto Foundation supported the Chinese Heritage Centre in 2015.

Tower Transit Singapore Pte Ltd

Tower Transit is one of Singapore’s newest public transport operators. Tower Transit has generously supported the Treasures of the World from the British Museum exhibition at the National Museum of Singapore. In addition to cash support, Tower Transit is also providing media space on its buses to advertise the National Museum’s exhibitions and programmes beyond the exhibition.

Tower Transit’s active support will enable the National Heritage Board to reach out to the public when their 26 bus services hit the road in mid-2016.

Tower Transit generously supported the Treasures of the World from the British Museum exhibition.

Volkswagen Group Singapore Pte Ltd

Volkswagen Group Singapore is a subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group, which is headquartered in Wolfsburg, Germany. Volkswagen is the only car brand in Singapore to manage its retail business directly. In 2015, Volkswagen supported the Singapore Night Festival with a cash donation, and showcased two units of the Beetle to be part of an arts installation at the Festival Village. As one of the special engagement activities at the Night Festival, visitors could interact with the Beetle cars by doodling on them with luminous ink.

At the Singapore Night Festival 2015, visitors were able to doodle on two characteristic Volkswagen Beetle cars.