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  • Mrs Vivienne Tan

    Mrs Vivienne Tan is a strong cultural advocate and supporter of the arts. In 2015, she loaned an oil painting of her great-grandfather, Wong Ah Fook, to the National Museum of Singapore (NMS). Wong Ah Fook was a prominent contractor, plantation owner, banker and philanthropist in Johor and Singapore. Amongst his many contributions, Wong built the Victoria Memorial Hall, started Kwong Yik bank (Singapore’s first Chinese bank), and co-founded Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital. The portrait, painted by Alexander H. Kirk, is currently on display at the museum’s Singapore History Gallery.

    Mrs Vivienne Tan’s generous contribution has allowed locals and tourists alike to learn about and appreciate the legacy left behind by Wong Ah Fook.

    The portrait of Wong Ah Fook in the Singapore History Gallery at NMS.