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Commissioned Artist

B. Jane Cowie has been specially commissioned to create the awards for the Patron of Heritage Awards 2015. In the artist’s words, glass has a beauty and intensity like no other material. With an inherent clarity and longevity, it is symbolic of notions of preservation and protection as it allows us to view the treasures within while concurrently preserving and protecting.

Cowie’s glassmaking process involves the manipulation of material that is soft and flowing, similar to the development of our nation and diversity contained within Singapore. She is inspired by how a splendid moment in history can be captured in an exhibition or event despite the ever-changing nature of cultural development, just as the soft rhythm of colour spirals applied and infused into the glass captures a moment of beauty.

About the artist: B. Jane Cowie

Born 1962, in Wollongong, Australia, glass artist B. Jane Cowie has held solo and group exhibitions worldwide, including various states in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and Singapore. Singapore has become the artist’s home for more than 15 years and she has been actively practicing her craft here. Her commissioned projects have been displayed at various venues around Singapore, including Ocean Financial Centre Keppelland, The Boutiq at 145 Killiney Road and Mapletree Business Centre. Cowie is currently a Singapore Permanent Resident.

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