New Kids on the Block
11 Jan 2021 9:51AM

New Kids on the Block

Do you count shopping and eating as some of your favourite pastimes? Are you always on the lookout for the latest and greatest stores in Singapore? Then you have got to check out the new kids on the block at Bras Basah.Bugis - from cosy stationery stores to healthy and tasty grub, there are plenty of new shops for you to get excited about at BBB!

1. Food stalls at Tahir Foundation Connexion (SMU)

First on the list is Singapore Management University’s (SMU) latest sustainable development, Tahir Foundation Connexion. Opened in 2018, this buzzing new five-storey green was designed to support innovative SMU-X pedagogy whilst cultivating entrepreneurship and is home to several new nosh spots, including the picturesque Knots Cafe and Living @ SMU, and the vibrant Thailand Street Food stall.

Hop on over to Knots Cafe and Living @ SMU, to tuck into their waffle breakfast for an early treat or tickle your appetite with a rice bowl later in the day. While you’re there, shop around for a sustainable, hand-crafted furniture piece or two - the cafe is also home to beautifully designed pieces that you cannot find elsewhere.

Or, if you’re looking for a little excitement, try some piping hot and deliciously spicy Thai fare at the Thailand Street Food stall! Indulge in their use of fresh herbs, their flaming hot stir-fries and their tasty curries. While we may be stuck at home this holiday period, nothing’s stopping us from taking a culinary journey via our favourite dishes, and letting our imagination wander instead!

For those who can handle spice, try their signature red tom yam soup, and cool down with a delicious Thai milk tea. Or, opt for the perfect balance of sweet and salty - pineapple fried rice.


There’s no better way to chase away the blues than by having a delicious, refreshing and healthy concoction from HAYO, where you can skip out on sugar-loaded drinks and have a farm-fresh homemade yogurt smoothie - or, as HAYO likes to call it, ‘Handcrafted Happiness’.

Located at Midland House, HAYO offers artisanal yogurt smoothies made with 100% fresh Australian cow milk. The yogurt is then blended with superfood ingredients such as oats, purple rice, avocado and more, to form up to 10 delicious flavours.

Thick and creamy, with a luscious mouthfeel, their yogurt beverages are ideal for a guilt-free midday snack, or as a nutritious accompaniment to your meal. Each smoothie also comes with an adorable home-baked shortbread cookie that you can dip in your smoothie.

HAYO also delivers their handcrafted yogurt smoothies island-wide, which means you can stay healthy while staying home.

3. Overjoyed

For an easy way to bring a little bit of joy back into your life during these troubled times, try indulging in a creative and fun hobby, like painting or calligraphy! And if you need new arts and crafts supplies for your new hobby, then you’ll have to pay a visit to Overjoyed, the newest art and stationery lifestyle store at BBB.

Located in the basement of The Cathay, this cosy store is home to hundreds of arts and craft supplies. From sketch pads to calligraphy nibs and glittery ink, to oil paints and soft, fine brushes, Overjoyed offers products to meet the creative needs of every individual. Browse through the assortment of products offered, feed your creative spirit, and walk out of the store feeling overjoyed!

Overjoyed also offers island-wide delivery with free shipping, so hop on over and check out their selection online.


Image courtesy: Hayo.sg