Design By Numbers

Design By Numbers

Design By Numbers is
- A series of spatial installations.
- A SIDFest 2021 flagship programme.
- Featuring collaboration between designers and industry stakeholders.

As a nation, we find strength as a people. As an industry, we stand strong in our numbers.

The flagship event of SIDFest 2021—Design By Numbers— celebrates the people and processes behind and beyond the industry. It is a collective making of large-scale network of inhabitable structures within the heart of National Design Centre. Numbers represent the different segments of the industry and akin to painting by numbers, it culminates as a sum of parts as something bigger, better and with new meaning.

The atrium of National Design Centre has been divided into a grid. Each square represents one base unit of an installation. We envision this space to become an intermingling of different spatial installations occupying the grid with different materials and treatment; to immerse the visitor into pavilions and structures of different experiences.

Design By Numbers will be filled up by our fellow friends that surround us in our trades – the builders, the material purveyors, the retailers and trendsetters, the specialists and innovators, and all the movers and shakers – to join us as we take over National Design Centre’s historic atrium space!

Join us to find out what our sponsors have planned for you during these 2 weeks! We are pleased to have Admira, Lutron, T1 Glass, ipse ipsa ipsum, Cosentino, Synergraphic and many more!

Organised by Society of Interior Designers, Singapore, as part of SIDFest 2021. Supported by the DesignSingapore Council and hosted at the National Design Centre.

About Society of Interior Designers, Singapore (SIDS)
Society of Interior Designers, Singapore (SIDS) began as a professional body for Singaporean and Singapore-based Interior Designers in 1994. In the years to come, it grew stronger and in 2004 was the leading interior design body locally. As a non-profit organisation governed by law, the Society has not only to protect the standards of professionalism for Interior Designers, but to be able to resolve industry issues. It has a solemn duty to promote the creativity and professionalism of the Singapore Interior Design Industry to the world.

This event is part of the National Design Centre's "Casting Hope" programme line-up for April to 
May 2021.

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