design superposition
Design Superposition

Design Superposition

In quantum physics, superposition refers to the combination of all possible states in a system. In design culture and its various disciplines and industries, we are observing the emergence of a similar phenomenon - design is nothing, and also everything.

But how do we know the value of design activities? Is design useful for society? Or is it a buzzword for industries and design aficionados?

In 'Design Superposition', we explore its schizophrenic nature with introspection and self-examination. 10 participants investigate their own unique practices to evoke experiences that ponder on the value of design for themselves and society.

DAN is an independent group supported by the DesignSingapore Council (Dsg), Singapore's national agency for design. Formed by DesignSingapore Scholarship recipients in 2017, the group is a platform for the design community in Singapore and beyond to engage in design conversations on critical issues. Since its conception, the group has been active in developing community-focused projects and events, ranging from talks, panel discussions and exhibitions at the National Design Centre. Each DesignSingapore Scholarship recipient is designated a DesignSingapore Associate upon award of the scholarship, and will be a part of the DesignSingapore Associates Network (DAN).
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