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#Fashtag X Raffles City Singapore is a take-over by The Front Row and a key event of Singapore Design Week 2022. 

The takeover runs from 16 to 25 September 2022 and will be presenting a trans-digital world where virtual events cross over into physical space and intermingle with reality.  

This is The Front Row’s first collaboration with Singapore Design Week. 

#FashTag aims to demonstrate The Front Row’s beliefs in: 

  • Design With a Conscience, where The Front Row embraces the pillars of sustainability, eco-consciousness, seasonless and cruelty-free fashion and beauty in a journey towards being a more responsible creative and consumer. 

  • Celebrating Unique Concepts that were created through pivots during Covid lockdowns. These concepts form the foundation for creative, design and fashion events of the future. 

  • Celebrating the Solidarity of cross-border designers and creatives who created an international (digital) brother-and-sisterhood during lockdowns to create ground-breaking new works. Sometimes, the best work is produced during times of adversity! 

Daniel Boey, Founder and Creative Director of The Front Row: 

“The Front Row spearheaded a digital fashion revolution during the pandemic and proved that fashion can adapt and thrive in digital spaces - with the right collaborators, forward-thinking presentations, correct curation and relevant messaging. The future of our mission is promising with two significant milestones attained this year: we are accorded national recognition as a key event of Singapore Design Week 2022 and given commercial recognition by Raffles City Singapore who gave us full creative control in the takeover of their mall.

 “For our third year, we are partnering with exciting and, sometimes, unexpected local, regional and even international creatives consisting of designers, photographers and content curators, as well as the brightest students from Singapore’s fashion schools. We are showcasing NFTs and the metaverse, which are rapidly shaping the future of design and fashion. With such an impressive line-up, we are immensely proud to present The Front Row in a hybrid, phygital format that blends the best of both worlds to deliver a fresh and unparalleled fashion experience to consumers!” 

Date: 16 September 2022 - 25 December 2022
Time: 10.00am - 10.00pm daily

Raffles City Singapore
252 North Bridge Rd,
Singapore 179103

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