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Good Design Research - We Are Able

Good Design Research - We Are Able

Designed in collaboration with occupational therapists, people with disabilities, stroke survivors, social workers and caregivers, Werable’s debut collection introduces six easy-to-wear styles that can be worn with one hand.

Through conversations sparked by the Good Design Research initiative, the community helped Werable designers to understand that what people desire from adaptive fashion goes beyond independence and ease of wear.

The showcase invites individuals curious about innovative adaptive fashion to experience select styles at the showcase and online at www.werable.co

15 Jun - 10 Jul 2022
09:00am - 09:00pm
Free Admission

About Good Design Research
Launched in March 2020 in the middle of a pandemic year, Good Design Research (GDR) underscores the importance of how design backed by deep research can make a true difference by building deep domain knowledge and solving the challenges faced by societies and cities. This initiative empowers designers and design enterprises in Singapore to find their unique value proposition in designing for impact through research and experimentation, supported by a wide network of knowledge partners.

To find out more about GDR, please visit https://www.designsingapore.org/initiatives/good-design-research.html

About Werable
Werable creates clothing that enables the people to thrive and become the best versions of themselves. They do so by innovating easy-to-wear styles so that regardless of one’s mobility, getting dressed can continue to be a dignified experience. 

To find out more about Werable, please visit https://www.werable.co

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