NAFA Tending Tenderness
Tending Tenderness Woon Brothers Homecoming Exhibition

Tending Tenderness Woon Brothers Homecoming Exhibition

Since 2016, the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts’ annual Fine Art Graduation Awards have been generously supported by the Woon Brothers Foundation in their mission to advance art and education. Presented to outstanding Fine Art diploma and degree graduates, the awards seek to nurture young artists as well as to recognise and promote promising talents.

Tending Tenderness is a homecoming exhibition that gathers six past award recipients—Ho Seok Kee, Kim Hyesu, Koh Kai Ting, Michelle Wong, Shairah Rohaizam, and Wong Gin Ming—working across a range of mediums, materials and processes, in a showcase reflective of the concerns and preoccupations of this emerging generation of art practitioners. The exhibition aims to highlight the generosity of the Woon Brothers Foundation over the past six years, and to showcase the growth and sustainability of emerging artistic practice from the academy.

The art ecosystem is profoundly impacted by the global pandemic, yet continues to quietly and resolutely exist. These emerging artists have had to adapt to adversity and shift modes of artmaking, in turn, revealing narratives that are tender and urgent. Themes prevalent in their works include: spaces of intimacy, invisible networks and microcosms, artificial intelligence, data and technology, identity and embodied memories, domestic soundscapes, and acts of remembering.
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