Ari Bayuaji - Blue 2022
Weaving the Ocean Ari Bayuaji

Weaving the Ocean Ari Bayuaji

While on his daily walks along the coast of Sanur, Bali, the ocean and the beach became a source of inspiration and a treasure trove for Montreal-based Indonesian artist Ari Bayuaji.

The abundance of plastic ropes he found tangled in the roots of mangrove trees eventually became a focus of his practice and the beginnings of a community art project that he initiated in 2020.

Weaving the Ocean delves into aspects of sustainability and art making, and honours the time-honed weaving skills of the local artisans to recreate textiles from repurposed materials. In many ways, the project manifests an ingenious choreography of island living; the sculptural textiles Ari creates from this workshop are a visual rhythm of rediscovery as he breathes new life into found objects as their utilitarian purpose fades. Since 2021, the project has made its impact felt in major cities including Bangkok, Taipei and comes to Singapore anew in 2022.

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