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舌尖上的新加坡电影 A Taste of Singapore Movies

舌尖上的新加坡电影 A Taste of Singapore Movies


Singapore is known as a food paradise because of its wide variety of cuisines. However, what is the connection between Singapore food and film? Which local movies were inspired by the island’s food? Join researcher Su Zhangkai for this culinary tour of Singapore cinema. This programme will be conducted in Mandarin.

苏章恺曾任香港电影资料馆特约专项研究员,也是台湾国立屏东大学海外研究项目共同主持人。2016年兼任新加坡国立大学中文系兼职导师。曾编著多本电影、戏曲和娱乐史相关著作,如《雪霓芳踪—荘雪芳》(2017)、《潮影寻迹—新加坡潮剧历史记录》(2018) 及《弟喂,做人阿甲阿甲就好—王沙和野峰的90个人生故事》(2019)等。

Su Zhangkai was a former part-time lecturer with the Department of Chinese Studies at the National University of Singapore. He was also involved in research projects with overseas institutions, such as the Hong Kong Film Archives. He is the author of several publications about local entertainment history, the most recent being a 2019 publication on famous comedians, Wang Sha and Ye Feng.

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