BBB Urban Interventions x SDW 2019 - Tree Harp

BBB Urban Interventions x SDW 2019 - Tree Harp

Tree Harp

Bras Basah.Bugis Urban Interventions are three design intervention installation proposals selected through an Open Call for the Bras Basah.Bugis x Singapore Design Week 2019 collaboration. Located along Queen Street and at the National Design Centre, watch the installations transform and enliven the street; interact with the instagrammable installations as it offers delightful encounters for visitors both young and old.


Installation title: Tree Harp – a musical playground and a pavilion for nature

Venue: Along Artsplace at Waterloo Centre, Queen Street

Tree Harp is an urban experiment attempting to re-link the human body and nature. Trees are treated as a functional object to provide shade and act as an air filter in the urban city, but never harmoniously in dialogue with us. AaaM Architects designed a free-form structure of colourful nylon ropes with metal bells that turns and wraps the tree forming an intimate space around. It can be seen as a small pavilion, celebrating nature or as a musical playground when one plays with the ropes or compose their own tunes under the tree. Tree Harp is an interactive installation that encourages multidimensional activities and invites participation from all walks of life.





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