BBB Urban Interventions x SDW 2019 - Urban Constellations

BBB Urban Interventions x SDW 2019 - Urban Constellations

Bras Basah.Bugis Urban Interventions are three design intervention installation proposals selected through an Open Call for the Bras Basah.Bugis x Singapore Design Week 2019 collaboration. Located along Queen Street and at the National Design Centre, watch the installations transform and enliven the street; interact with the instagrammable installations as it offers delightful encounters for visitors both young and old.


Installation title: Urban Constellations

Venue: Various venues along Queen Street

Urban Constellation is a series of parasitic canopies installed along Queen Street, Singapore. Inspired by the stars, the canopies filter street light to simulate constellations hidden in the night sky. By day, they shade pedestrians like colourful clouds. Visitors may download the Planets mobile application to explore more about constellations.



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