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Kai’s | 凯 · 味

Kai’s | 凯 · 味

Kai’s | 凯 · 味
Southeast Asian ingredients. Sharing plates. Served with love.

This is the wet market like you’ve never seen before. With unexpected flavour combos and European-meets-Japanese inspired cooking, Kai explores the boundaries of what we THINK local produce can taste like.

He calls it “my mother will never understand” cooking, but tbh it’s pretty simple: delicious food that’s uniquely Singaporean!


Kai’s | 凯 · 味 is a pop-up by Chef Kuah Kai Wen. Chef Kai is currently an artist-in-residence at Practice Tuckshop.

IG: @drinkeatkw

Date: 7 February - 15 July 2023
Time: Tue/Wed/Sat, 11.30am - 10.30pm (Food last order: 8.30pm)
Practice Tuckshop, The Theatre Practice
58 Waterloo Street,
Singapore 187956

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