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Mural Installation - River Trade

Mural Installation - River Trade

Vibrant and diverse, the Bras Basah.Bugis precinct is endlessly fascinating, filled with rich culture and heritage at every turn. Rediscover the lesser-known stories of this historical neighbourhood through this series of mural installations presented by National Heritage Board.


About the Artwork – River Trade


The Bras Basah.Bugis precinct was among the first areas in the newly formed East India Company trading post to see development. As a bustling place of trade, entertainment and small businesses, the Bugis brought a variety of goods to be traded in Singapore. This mural depicts a Bugis merchant on his sailing ship, trading goods such as tortoiseshell, birds’ nests, sandalwood, gold dust, beeswax, cotton and coffee, and brought back products like British and American firearms and gunpowder, iron parangs, Chinese raw silk, earthenware, opium, and European woollen cloth. With such a dizzying array of goods, the area would have been bustling with trade and activity!


About the Artist – 8EyedSpud


8EyedSpud is a 2-woman illustration studio founded by Natalie Kwee & Jackie Goh. With over 12 years of collective illustration experience, their clients include Singapore Airlines, Shake Shack, Chope, Grab, Redmart, Singapore Tourism Board & Love Bonito.

More: http://www.8eyedspud.com/

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