Anak Dagang (3)
NAFA Installation - Anak Dagang

NAFA Installation - Anak Dagang

In collaboration with NAFA, NHB presents 10 virtual artworks by the students from the Fine Arts Faculty. Drawing inspiration from the history and heritage of Bras Basah.Bugis precinct, the students have created works that feature the lesser known stories of the precinct. 

Title of Artwork: Anak Dagang

Artist: Syahmin Huda 

Anak Dagang examines the process of displacement for many wanderers in the past. Specifically choosing to focus on a physical portrayal of a temporary “home”,  the work invites audiences on a journey of uncovering each layer through the notion of shedding light. As a result, hidden elements of traditional Buginese houses are gradually illuminated, revealing forgotten spaces.

The apparent inability in creating whole pieces of these nostalgic skins further instigates the idea that the light existing within these spaces are not as clear as we often think they are. Reminiscent to that of a traveller’s perpetual unfamiliarity with their surrounding.

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