Submission for the virtual  1 RENE DANIEL LIM
NAFA Installation - Beneath the Surface

NAFA Installation - Beneath the Surface

In collaboration with NAFA, NHB presents 10 virtual artworks by the students from the Fine Arts Faculty. Drawing inspiration from the history and heritage of Bras Basah.Bugis precinct, the students have created works that feature the lesser known stories of the precinct. 

Title of Artwork: Beneath the Surface

Artist: Rene Daniel Lim

‘Beneath The Surface’ is an installation focused on the bustling history that was hidden in the grandeur façade of Capitol Kempinski Hotel. It started with the first construction of the hotel followed by a flow of time which captures the involvement it had in history.

One of the important historical events that took place in Singapore such as the Japanese occupation were also recreated and taken from inspirations through history books. To brighten up the atmosphere, familiar hidden characters are added. They spread all over the area throughout each historical event and through close examination can we discover them.
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