NAFA Installation - CE9FAAAAcAAJ

NAFA Installation - CE9FAAAAcAAJ

In collaboration with NAFA, NHB presents 10 virtual artworks by the students from the Fine Arts Faculty. Drawing inspiration from the history and heritage of Bras Basah.Bugis precinct, the students have created works that feature the lesser known stories of the precinct. 

Title of Artwork: CE9FAAAAcAAJ

Artist: Thomas Pang

Twelve fluorescent tube each situated above concrete pedestals with speakers integrated within. Each tube with individual stories and origins told through minute differences between one another. Stories spoken through wear and tear of each fluorescent tubes, as well as differing colour temperatures. Each element differing as to which building it originated from. Tubes from specific buildings within the Bras Basah Bugis vicinity. Diversity of the buildings selected being kept the main priority. Having both important and historical buildings as well as less significant buildings, both well maintained intuitions and also slightly rundown older buildings. Each tube will be accompanied with an individual sound piece. Created and manipulated from sounds recorded from each specific site.

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