NIPA 2021
Nanyang International Piano Academy (NIPA) 2021

Nanyang International Piano Academy (NIPA) 2021

The Nanyang International Piano Academy (NIPA) is an annual gathering of like-minded music lovers with the common goal of pursuing a higher standard of music making. It offers participants a platform to grow musically in a fun and exciting learning environment. The format of 2021’s NIPA is different from the previous years. Participants will engage in activities primarily in a virtual format. For participants who are in Singapore, they may wish to take their lessons in-person with our faculty members based in Singapore.

With carefully curated programmes to foster a deeper musical understanding, NIPA provides opportunities for piano students to learn from renowned faculty members from overseas and Singapore. It aims to create a community comprising visiting professors, professional artistes, piano pedagogues and young pianists from around the region.

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