Installation view of Yeyoon Avis Anns Trees Upsidedown 2023 as part of SAM Contemporaries Residues  Remixes at the SAM hoarding along Queen Street Image courtesy of Singapore Art Museum
Trees Upside-down (2023) by Yeyoon Avis Ann

Trees Upside-down (2023) by Yeyoon Avis Ann

Date: 18 May - 29 October 2023
Time: NIL
Venue: SAM Hoardings at Bras Basah Road
Admission is Free

Trees Upside-down features a simple image of tree shadows, which has been flipped, inverted and enlarged. Harmonising with the environment of Queen Street, the trees planted along the pavement cast their shadows onto the mural. Real, ever-changing shadows blend in with their inanimate graphic counterparts. As the branches and leaves of these trees shift in response to the changing lighting and weather conditions, their shadows shift in tandem, lending movement and ephemerality to the hoardings, which are often approached as a two-dimensional, static format. By establishing a relationship between Trees Upside-down and its surrounding environment here on Queen Street, Yeyoon Avis Ann asserts that the artwork does not exist in an isolated cocoon and, more broadly, that all things are interconnected. The artist turns a common, everyday sight on its head, urging viewers to look at our world differently. Avis calls this new perspective a form of “breeziness.” Much like viewing an image through a pinhole camera, Trees Upside-down beckons viewers to rekindle their sensitivity towards our environment and the nonhuman inhabitants with whom we share our spaces. This artwork may be seen in relation to Avis’ A Collisional Accelerator of Everydays(A.C.A.E.) (2023), which is part of SAM Contemporaries: Residues & Remixes, presented at the Singapore Art Museum at Tanjong Pagar Distripark from 19 May– 24 Sep 2023.
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