Syonan: My Story, $18.00 (incl. GST)

Author: Shinozaki    
Synopsis: The author's unusual story concerns his time in Syonan meaning 'the light of the South,' the Japanese name for Singapore, where he was based from late 1938 until the Japanese surrender in 1945. He arrived as a journalist, was jailed by the British as a spy and then joined the Japanese administration on the fall of Singapore in 1942. While working with the Japanes occupation he secretly provided safety passes and safe havens for citizens being hunted by the Kempeitai, Japan's dreaded secret police. He finished his stay in Singapore as a vital witness for the prosecution in war crimes trials of Japanese occupation officials. Very Good Paperback. Reprint 176 pages. Weight: 0.4kg. Post free within Malaysia The cover looks new but there is mild spotting on the text block. The binding is tight, text clear and there is nbarely noticeable tanning throughout.
Syonan My Story - 9789814328524
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