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Conservation Services

The key role of Conservation Services is to conserve artefacts through preventive as well as interventive conservation. In addition, the department conducts research and ensures that proper storage and display conditions are achieved for all the collections in the care of NHB.

Our team of about 20 conservators specialise in the treatment of various types of materials, such as paper, paintings, textiles, organic materials, metal, stone and ceramics.

Our conservators also conduct stringent tests on commercial products that will be used in the fabrication of display cases in the museums. Packing and storage materials are also tested for their suitability for use with the museums’ collections.

Testing is a necessary process as these display and storage materials can sometimes release harmful organic gases that adversely affect the condition of any artefacts placed in close proximity, causing corrosion, tarnishing or even fading.

The proper care of all artefacts and artworks starts with preventive measures that aim to reduce the risk of damage and prolong their lifespan. However, when damage occurs, it is also critical to render the right interventive conservation treatment to ensure that they are not further damaged.

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