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About the Heritage Conservation Centre

The Heritage Conservation Centre (HCC) is an institution of the National Heritage Board (NHB), Singapore. The HCC building, located in Jurong, is a purpose-built facility for the storage and conservation of artefacts and artworks under the care of NHB.

HCC also houses the centralised conservation laboratories for the treatment of object, painting and textile artefacts and a laboratory designed to cater for scientific analysis, material testing and research.

The Centre has a team of dedicated professionals to preserve, manage and provide the best possible care for the NHB museum collections.


The majority of the collection was previously stored at the National Museum building at Stamford Road.

As the size of the collection grew over the years, the need for larger and more specialised storage facilities became evident. With the expansion of the number of museums under the newly formed National Heritage Board in 1993, the projected increase in the number of acquisitions and loans could not be properly accommodated in the allocated storage areas. Planning and realisation of a new facility began to take shape in earnest.

In 1995, building works commenced for the new building in Jurong with a government grant of $22.5 million. It was completed in September 1997 and in 2000, officially launched as the Heritage Conservation Centre.

HCC was designed to accommodate future expansion needs with minimal disruption. Alteration & additional (A&A) works were started in 2008 to add two floors of storage space to the Centre. Additional floor areas were added to bring the gross floor area to 20,940 square metres. The building project was completed in January 2010.

While we are happy to share as much as we can our knowledge of caring for collections and conservation of heritage materials, we are unable to extend conservation services to the general public. For more information on conserving and restoring your own collections, please click on the link here.

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