Gallery view 2 - AVLL
Gallery view 2 - AVLL

A Voyage of Love and Longing

01 Feb 2022 - 21 May 2023
Goh Seng Choo Gallery,
Level 2
Daily from 10am – 7pm Last admission at 6.30pm. (Exhibition ends on 21 May 2023)
Free admission for Citizens & Permanent Residents
What if we let nature 'speak' our emotions to our loved ones when we are far away from them? Drawing inspiration from the practice of belayar (voyage) in the Malay Archipelago during the 19th century, A Voyage of Love and Longing invites visitors to re-trace the complex emotions at its different points, from departure to return, through the William Farquhar Collection of Natural History Drawings.

[CLOSING ON 21 MAY 2023] Here's your last chance to catch A Voyage of Love and Longing before it 'sails' away!

Join our host Charlotte Mei and curator Syafiqah as they explore how flora and fauna was used to tell a story during the Malay Archipelago in the A Voyage of Love & Longing series below.

Episode 1: Fauna

Episode 2: Flora (I)

Episode 3: Flora (II)


Discover how the region's flora and fauna feature in tales of love and longing from the Malay world, and send out your favourites to those who matter through a digital flipbook at the end.

Or perhaps you prefer to chart your own sea adventure? See what awaits you through an interactive in-app game, and if you can make it back safely to your loved ones.


Click here to choose your own adventure!

Use information found in the exhibition and chart your own sea adventure! Click on the blue button above and try your hands at this online game which mirrors the exhibition's narrative of preparing for voyages, embarking on them, and returning.

This game can be accessed via the museum’s Dome Bot chatbot on mobile devices while at the exhibition. After selecting the language preference, access the game under the category of Interactives.

Family Time

Visit our permanent galleries with your little ones and play spot-the-artefact! Our colourful Early Learning Resources introduce pre-schoolers to our artefacts according to the themes of Numbers, Colours, and ABCs. Available at $8 per set from the Museum Label shop. For more children's activity booklets, click here.

Museum guide

Download our museum guide (English, Chinese, Bahasa Melayu, Tamil) to find out about the many treasures in our various galleries. In this guide, you will also find the floor plan for easier navigation. Enjoy your visit!