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Exhibition List

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An Old New World

An Old New World: Digital Edition

An Old New World: Digital Edition allows you to virtually explore the exhibition An Old New World: From the East Indies to the Founding of Singapore, 1600s–1819, which features personal collections from the families of Stamford Raffles and William Farquhar, as well as treasures from international museums such as the Royal Collections Trust, London to highlights from our National Collection.

Free Admission
Everybody Plays a Part Thumbnail

Every Body Plays a Part - A Showcase of Public Health Crises and Responses in Singapore

Drawing from the National Museum’s collections, this online showcase explores a little-known side of Singapore’s history of public health. The exhibition highlights the measures taken to stem the spread of contagious diseases on the island, the introduction of vaccines, the creation of hospitals and the roles played by key local personalities as well as the public campaigns aimed at encouraging a clean and hygienic environment. The online showcase aims to present its artefacts in a new narrative context - the history of infectious diseases starting from the late 19th century and through the decades and the various measures undertaken to deal with them

Yip Yew Chong Wall Mural

History of the National Museum of Singapore

This mural was painted over four days in a style inspired by the 19th-century landscape paintings held by the National Museum of Singapore (NMS), and presents the Museum’s rich history and collection.

Grand Staircase, Level 1, Daily from 10am – 7pm.
Free admission
singapore history gallery

Singapore History Gallery

The Singapore History Gallery’s updated narrative charts the development of the island as it was known through the years as Singapura, a Crown Colony, Syonan-To, and finally, Singapore.

Level 1, Singapore History Gallery, Daily from 10am – 7pm; Last admission at 6.30pm
Free admission for Singaporeans, Permanent Residents and visitors aged 6 years and below
singapore very old tree

Singapore, Very Old Tree

Created by renowned local photographer and artist Robert Zhao, this exhibit at the bottom of the Glass Rotunda showcases 17 images of trees around Singapore and highlight intimate stories of each.

Level 1, Glass Rotunda, Daily from 10am – 7pm; Last admission at 6.15pm
Free admission for Singaporeans, Permanent Residents and visitors aged 6 years and below
story of the forest

Story of the Forest

Experience the treasured collection of the National Museum brought to life through a spectacular digital presentation, and be transported to 20th century Malaya as viewed through the eyes of artists of that time and reimagined today by interdisciplinary art collective teamLab.

Level 2, Glass Rotunda, Daily from 10am - 7pm; Last admission is 6.15pm (Temporary closure on 25 January, from 3.30pm to 7pm)
Free admission for Singaporeans, Permanent Residents and visitors aged 6 years and below
wings of a rich manoeuvre

Wings of a Rich Manoeuvre

Wings of a Rich Manoeuvre by homegrown artist Suzann Victor presents a chorus of eight kinetic chandeliers that “sing” with movement as they sway in a dramatic midair choreography of light.

Glass Atrium, Level 2, Daily from 10am – 7pm.
Free admission
Exhibition27 JAN 2024 - 23 JUN 2024

Plastic: Remaking Our World

Exhibition Gallery 1, Basement Level, 10am – 7pm
Free for Concession holders who are Singaporeans or PRs. Tickets are on sale now.
Thumbnail DementiaFriendlySG Exhibition
Exhibition06 JAN 2024 - 31 MAR 2024

#DementiaFriendlySG: Facing Dementia in Singapore

Lend a helping hand, be a dementia friend! Join us to learn about dementia and how you can play your part to build a dementia-friendly Singapore.

Glass Atrium, Level 2, 10am – 6pm
Free Admission
Exhibition27 MAY 2023 - 25 FEB 2024

Now Boarding: Experiencing Singapore through Travel, 1800s – 2000s

Hop aboard the National Museum of Singapore’s ‘flight’ to discover Singapore through a travel-themed exhibition that traces the evolution of Singapore’s identity as a popular travel destination, through the eyes of those who arrived at our shores from the past to the present.

Exhibition Gallery, Basement, 10am to 7pm daily
Free for Singaporeans and PRs. Admission is free for all on 24 & 25 February.