Arts Tech Lab Showcase 2022
Arts Tech Lab Showcase 2022

Arts x Tech Lab Showcase

15 Feb 2022 - 18 Feb 2022
Gallery Theatre,
10am – 7pm
Free Admission
The Arts x Tech Lab Showcase is a culmination the 8-month Lab and offers a look into the final prototypes developed by 10 project teams. Come experience 10 innovative prototypes that explore technological applications like Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence to various art fields such as music and dance forms, including some that respond to the National Museum’s collection.
The Arts x Tech Lab is the National Arts Council’s inaugural innovation lab that fosters collaboration between the arts and technology sectors. The Lab is designed to empower creatives, artists and technologists to engage in innovative experiments and collaborations.

Listen, watch and interact with the prototypes to explore the exciting experiences and innovations that each team has developed. Find out more at

1. Entry to the showcase event is free of charge with no pre-registration required, and subject to the total capacity of the venue.
2. Due to capacity limits and safe management measures, the venue can take no more than 30 pax at any one time. Please be prepared for a short wait outside the Gallery Theatre during peak periods.
3. For hygiene purposes, we would like to encourage you to bring and use your own wired earphones or headphones during the event, to listen to the audio-video recordings and immersive experiences on display.

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