Artist and Sustainability: Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) 2022 Art Exhibition

13 Jul 2022 - 25 Jul 2022
The Canyon | Gallery Theatre | Gallery Theatre Foyer,
10am – 7pm Daily
Free Admission
Come learn, discover and be inspired as you immerse yourself in the vibrant artistic responses from our youths.

Jointly organised by the Ministry of Education (MOE) and the National Museum of Singapore (NMS), the Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) 2022 Art Exhibition theme ‘Artist and Sustainability’ invites students to consider how individual efforts and collective actions can positively impact the world we live in and benefit future generations. The exhibition presents more than 500 artworks by students from over 120 Secondary Schools, Junior Colleges, and Millennia Institute via the online gallery on the SYF website and selected artworks on-site at the NMS.

The student artists have actively considered sustainable approaches in their choice of media, materials and subject matter, to inspire social, cultural, and environmental change. Through their art, students shared personal narratives, innovative ideas, and thoughtful reflections, asking: What does a better future look like? How can we make it happen? Four subthemes emerged from student artists’ collective response to the theme:

Culture | Environment | People | Possibilities



Sustainability and People

Sustainability efforts are key to achieving quality living and are the foundation for a better future for
generations to come. How can we consider the needs of others in the way we live, interact, and
use available resources? The artworks in this subtheme explore how wellbeing can be achieved for
individuals and wider communities through building sustained connections and support networks
and caring for self and others. 

Sustainability and Culture

Cultural sustainability relates to social beliefs, heritage and practices that are widely accepted by a
community as a way of life, and that are often passed on through generations. Sustaining a
common cultural identity is foundational in fostering a sense of belonging and identity. The artworks
under this subtheme engage with multiple aspects of local culture and present a picture of what
shapes the cultural identity of a Singaporean youth.

Sustainability and Environment

Environmental sustainability is the imperative to conserve natural resources and protect global
ecosystems. As we innovate and improve our conservation efforts, it is equally important to
educate current and future generations on the merits of doing so. The artworks under this
subtheme consider the array of threats to both natural and manmade environments, highlighting
the interdependence and interconnectedness of man and nature and suggesting how timely and
concerted action can lessen undesirable or irreversible consequences.

Sustainability and Possibilities

How do we prepare for a future fraught with uncertainties, and how do we turn unknowns into
possibilities? The artworks under this subtheme cast a gaze toward the future — some generate
sustainable solutions through innovative design, while others consider dystopian narratives of the
next chapter of mankind’s existence. Even if the situation seems dire, these artworks inspire us to
never give up hope and optimism, and to feel empowered to make a difference and contribute to a
better future.


The SYF is an annual event organised by the MOE, since 1966 to celebrate the vitality and talents of our youth in the arts. The festival embodies MOE's belief in the importance of a holistic education for our students and plays a key role in the development of Arts education in schools. As part of the festival, an art exhibition, featuring artworks from primary schools, and secondary schools/junior colleges/millennia institute in alternate years, will be organised to provide opportunities for our students to showcase their artistic talents and to promote art appreciation in our schools.

Artworks Featured:
- The Misadventures of Mr. Detritus by Muhammad Raihaan, Quek Sau Ming, Aung Kaung Oo, Tan Ngaik Boon, Cai Xingmeng, Tay Yong Yu Remus, Graham Wei Jie Howarth, Kieran Lim Jay Ren (Lin Jieren), Taegon Low, Muhammad Ridq Aufa Rusyaidi Bin Ruzairi.

- In Our Hands by Zhuo Yiting, Nur Emelda Binte Eirie

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