Children’s Season at the National Museum 2020: Get Curious – Change Is OK!

21 Nov 2020 - 27 Dec 2020
Various Venues
Various Timings
Varies with Programmes

Presented in conjunction with our Doraemon’s Time-Travelling Adventures in Singapore campaign and upcoming Home, Truly special exhibition, Children’s Season at the National Museum 2020 explores the topic of change through both self-facilitated onsite activities and a range of online programmes.

Identify how the lifestyles of different generations in your family have changed using our “My Family’s Stories” kit; find out how you can relax through our family mindfulness workshop and what are some other ways of coping with change; imagine a kinder society while participating in our Appreciation Campaign; and reflect on change while speaking with our artefact, a Setron television!

As 2020 draws to a close, we hope children and families can find inspiration in our artefacts’ stories of resilience and innovation, and learn that Change Is OK!

Recommended for families with children aged 3 to 12 years. Email nhb_nm_programmes@nhb.gov.sg for enquiries.

Livestream Workshops

Live-streamed Workshops and Performances


  • Through My Eyes: Conversation with a Setron TV

  • Makers & Shakers – Inter-generational Music Workshop

  • Ondeh Christmas Tree – Inter-generational Food-making Session 

  • Christmas Celebration Special: Virtual Craft Workshop

  • The Nursery Rhymes Project: Online Interactive Storytelling – Going Home《回家》

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Online Prog

Online programmes


  • Family Mindfulness at the National Museum

  • Childhood Memories: Virtual Gallery Tour and Inter-generational Art Jamming

  • Appreciation Campaign – Design a Poster!

  • Ai Love Museums Virtual Hide-and-Seek

  • Redesign an Artefact!

  • Christmas Celebration Special: Stone Soup – Storytelling by Story Connection

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On-site Specials


  • Get Curious! Gallery Hunt at the National Museum
    The first two 3D miniature magnet collectible for the Get Curious! Gallery Hunt has been fully redeemed.
    The next magnet collectible will be newly released on 14 December, next Monday for redemption - while stocks last, on a first-come, first-served basis.
    Meanwhile, don't miss the chance to enter the lucky draw to win the full collectible set if you complete two lines of the game!

  • Get Curious! Gallery Trail – New audio clips added!

  • Makers & Shakers – Inter-generational Music Workshop

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Online Resources

Online Resources


  • “Get Curious: My Family's Stories” Kit

  • Colouring Fun! Our Childhood Toys

  • Crafty Fun! Cube Puzzle, Toy Car & Matchbox

  • Video Tutorials: Be A Creative Toymaker

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Feedback Form


Enjoyed our Children’s Season 2020 activities and resources? 

  1. Take photos of your completed crafts or a video of the fun times you had as a family. We would love to see them so remember to tag us on social media – @natmuseum_sg on Instagram and @national.museum.of.singapore on Facebook!

  2. We would also appreciate you taking 5 minutes to fill in a feedback form here. Thank you!

Family Time

Visit our permanent galleries with your little ones and play spot-the-artefact! Our colourful Early Learning Resources introduce pre-schoolers to our artefacts according to the themes of Numbers, Colours, and ABCs. Available at $8 per set from the Museum Label shop. For more children's activity booklets, click here.

Museum guide

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