DigiMuse Open Call for Digital Art and Innovative Concepts

29 Jan 2018 - 02 Apr 2018
As part of the National Museum of Singapore’s new DigiMuse initiative, we invite all creative innovators and artists to submit digital art and innovative concepts that would help enhance visitor experience at the museum. Submitted proposals should focus on themes such as museology, culture, heritage, research and gallery experience.

The open call comprises two categories:

Category One: Museum Experience 
This category calls for creative innovators who are keen to submit projects that demonstrate the potential benefits of using new digital technology in the museum. Proposals should consider how technology is able to transform the museum space and redefine the conventional museum experience, or to address current or anticipated gaps. The proposals should also be targeted at engaging and connecting with visitors and audiences, and increase access to the museum’s content and collection.


Click here to download the application details for Category One.  

Category Two: Art and Creatives 
This category calls for artists and creators to submit digital projects that will be commissioned for presentation at an exhibition at the National Museum of Singapore in August 2018. These projects should demonstrate the following:

  • Showcase the potential of new and emerging technologies and how it has changed or impacted art or creative practice, and,

  • Take reference from the history, space or collection of the National Museum of Singapore.

 Click here to download the application details for Category Two.  

The submission deadline for the open call is 02 April 2018 at 1PM


We will inform successfully shortlisted applicants of their selected proposals in April 2018. Shortlisted applicants will be required to submit a detailed quotation of full professional fees or other associated costs for the respective categories:

  • Not exceeding SGD20,000 for Category One, and,

  • Not exceeding SGD30,000 for Category Two.

 The final allocated budget will be made known in due time, which will take into consideration the scale of the project and the technological and material specifications, among other factors. 

The successful projects will be showcased at an exhibition in August 2018 at the National Museum. 

Open Call Timeline

Here is a summary of the key dates of the Open Call:



29 January 2018

Open call for Digital Projects at National Museum of Singapore

02 April 2018

Submission deadline for concept proposals

April 2018

Announcement of selected projects to be commissioned

August 2018

Unveiling of projects at National Museum of Singapore


For further queries, please read the Frequently Asked Questions section below, or email us at DigiMuse@nhb.gov.sg.


About DigiMuse

The DigiMuse programme is a new initiative by the National Museum of Singapore, aimed at building a vibrant cultural sector that is invested in digital innovation. DigiMuse seeks to engage with the wider digital-technology industry to encourage creative experimentation in cultural spaces. The programme invites artists, technologists and culture professionals to co-create digital projects, and provide considered interventions aimed at showcasing the possibilities of integrating culture and technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the budget for the Open Call?
    • The funding per proposal is up to S$20,000 for prototypes for Category One: Museum Experience and up to S$30,000 for Category Two: Art and Creatives.
  2. Am I eligible to submit a proposal for this Open Call if I am also seeking funding from another government agency in Singapore?
    • Yes. Should the proposal require supplementary financial assistance, seeking additional funding from other agencies is allowed. Do check with the supporting agency if they are agreeable to be part of this venture. However, please note that in the event in which the submitted proposal is not selected for final presentation, the National Museum and National Heritage Board will not be held accountable for any dealings between the applicant and other agencies.
  3. What types of project proposals is the National Museum of Singapore looking for?
    • The below includes an indicative but non-exhaustive list for reference: - Training tools for museum staff, tools for conservators for the manipulation of objects, or restoration of objects and/or artworks.
      - Gallery mapping system to enhance walk flow, monitoring visitorship numbers and/or identifying less-visited public areas of the museum.
      - Tools to enhance accessibility for visitors with disabilities.
      - Tools to revisit the presentation of the museum’s collection in whole, parts or for specific objects.
      - Artworks using the latest technologies in relation to the museum’s context, mission and vision.
  4. How many projects will be funded?
    • Up to five projects per Open Call category will be selected after review by a professional panel.
  5. I am not a Singaporean or a Permanent Resident of Singapore, but want to apply for the Open Call. Am I eligible?
    • Non-Singaporean or non-Permanent Residents of Singapore are eligible only if they partner with a Singaporean or Permanent Resident.
  6. Is it possible for me to submit more than one proposal?
    • Yes, applicants can submit up to three (3) proposals for each category.
  7. My proposal only covers part of the considerations and selection criteria. Would I need to search for other partners to cover the other criteria?
    • As the objectives of the Open Call are not constrained to just one criterion, proposals that cover only one or part of the selection criteria will have a lesser chance of being successful.
  8. My proposal is a re-edition of a past project. Am I eligible for the Open Call?
    • The Prototype Projects category in the Open Call offers support for proof-of-concept projects that are in development. The re-edition of the past project should be novel and innovative to have a better chance of being successful.
  9. I would like to meet with the DigiMuse team before submitting my proposal / to refine my proposal / to check the status of my proposal / etc. Would this be possible?
    • We seek your understanding that we will only to answer all queries through the channels specified in the Open Call for fairness. Please send your queries to: DigiMuse@nhb.gov.sg and we will be happy to take them from there.
  10. Applicants should propose their own team, including sponsors and industry partners.
    • The Prototype Projects category in the Open Call offers support for proof-of-concept projects that are in development. The re-edition of the past project should be novel and innovative to have a better chance of being successful.
  11. I am late for the Open Call submission. Can the deadline be extended?
    • The deadline for the DigiMuse Open Call is 15 March 2018 at 1PM (Singapore time). All proposals received after the deadline will be excluded from the Open Call application.

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