ELR all booklets
ELR all booklets

Early Learning Resources

A. Early Learning Resources

Visit our permanent galleries and play spot-the-artefact! These five booklets introduce pre-schoolers to our artefacts through familiar themes of Alphabets, Colours, Numbers, Shapes and Opposites. Click here for a sneak preview and order form!

Set A: ABC, 123 and Colours | $8/set of 3 booklets
Set B: Shapes and Opposites | $6/set of 2 booklets

Teachers may use these booklets to plan for a self-guided visit to the museum. Both sets are available for purchase at Supermama, The Museum Store at the National Museum of Singapore. Discounted rates of $5/set for Set A and $4/set for Set B are available for schools making a bulk purchase of 10 or more sets each. Please send the bulk order form to nhb_nm_schools@nhb.gov.sg.

B. Artefact Hunts

ELR Artefact Hunt publicity pic

Join Dennis the Otter, Pape Sunbear and Mama Binturong on a self-facilitated story-based artefact hunt! Choose from 5 stories - explore the galleries and solve riddles to discover little-known facts behind the mysterious artefacts! 

Download the Artefact Hunts below! These hunts are designed for use together with the Early Learning Resources. 

Hunt 1: A Trip to Popo (Grandma)'s House Download the ABC-themed story hunt here!
Hunt 2: The Museum Counter Download the 123-themed story hunt here!
Hunt 3: Mama's Field Trip Memories Download the Colours-themed story hunt here!
Hunt 4: Learning about Atuk (Grandpa) Download the Shapes-themed story hunt here!
Hunt 5: Dennis' Naughty Prank Download the Opposites-themed story hunt here!


C. Online Resource Kits

To better support parents and caregivers in using the Early Learning Resources at home, we have also developed special resource kits with Wigglepods, comprising activity guides and audio/video clips to encourage children to learn about the museum’s collection through fun music and movement activities:


Download the Online Resource Kit here!


Download the Online Resource Kit here!


Download the Online Resource Kit here!


Download the Online Resource Kit here!


Download the Online Resource Kit here!

Check out some of the videos featured in Set B (Shapes and Opposites) below!

Are They Opposites?


Let's Dance

Let's Make Shapes

Shapes Hunt