Celebrate Hari Raya with kith & kin

07 May 2022
Various Venues
Various Timings
Varies with Programmes
Enjoy Hari Raya at the National Museum of Singapore! Reconnect with friends and family and usher in the festive celebration with carefully crafted programmes and activities just for you.

What's more, admission to our galleries is free for all!
Learn about batik, a fabric sometimes paired with Baju Kurung or Baju Melayu, and see how it is adapted in modern fashion before painting your own piece to take home in a hands-on activity. Hear a presentation by our storyteller to learn more about the festive day or visit our craft station and create a festive decoration piece for your home. Experience the spirit of gotong royong and contribute your creativity in a community painting project to create a unique batik piece.

Receive a token from the museum when you search for artefacts related to Hari Raya in our galleries or enjoy a performance by a multiracial band who will present popular Hari Raya songs. Browse our programmes and register your slots now!

When planning your visit, please ensure that everyone is in good health. Please keep your mask on at all times. Details on Safe Management Measures for each programme can be found on their respective registration pages.


We Celebrate: Gallery Hunt

Saturday, 7 May 2022 | 11am – 6pm
The Platform, Level 2 | Free

Walk through our galleries and search for artefacts related to Hari Raya and end the experience with old-school and festive snacks from the museum.
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Suitable for participants aged 13 and above. Parents may wish to participate in the programme with their children. Please refrain from consuming food in the museum premises and remember to keep your masks on at all times. Final registration will be at 5.30pm and the redemption counter will close at 6pm.
Drop-in Craft2

Drop-in Craft Activity: My Raya Painting

Saturday, 7 May 2022 | 11am – 6pm | Glass Atrium, Level 2
$8/craft pack

Colour in your choice of Hari Raya-inspired backdrop using paint markers and gem stickers, to create a shiny ornament that you can hang up at home. Each design is based on an artefact in our collection.

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Limited spaces available. This programme is recommended for families with children ages 5 and above. Participants are reminded to keep their masks on during the programme.

Photo courtesy of Impressions Art

Music Performance by Flame of the Forest

Saturday, 7 May 2022 | 4.30 – 5.30pm (Facebook Livestreamed)
Gallery Theatre, Basement Level | $5/pax

Catch Flame of the Forest as they perform popular Hari Raya tunes in this special presentation! FOTF aims to give an enhanced perspective on the musical alchemy that they have developed by showcasing the various combinations of world music genres.

Limited spaces available on-site. Each ticket incudes light refreshments to take home. Participants are reminded not to interact or approach the performers and to keep their masks on during the programme. Visit to register for the on-site performance now!

This programme will be livestreamed concurrently on the NMS Facebook page. Bookmark the livestream here now!

Biography of performers
Flame of the Forest (FOTF] is an eclectic instrumental world music Band from the sunny island of Singapore, featuring a smooth blend of instruments with a diverse range of influences. Their unique blend of original compositions aim to explore new dimensions of musical experiences, concocting a refreshing blend of music with universal appeal.

Photo courtesy of Flame of the Forest


Let’s Gotong Royong: Community Batik Painting

Saturday, 7 May 2022 | 11am – 6pm
Glass Atrium, Level 2 | Free

Experience the spirit of gotong royong and work together to create a batik piece that is truly unique. During special occasions like Hari Raya, gotong royong (community spirit) is a common experience as neighbours, friends and family will gather and work together to prepare for this festive season.

In this activity, play your part by painting a segment of this large artwork and see how your creativity helps transform a pre-waxed cloth into a special batik piece.

Limited spaces available. Participants will only be allocated a 10-minute slot and are reminded to keep their masks on during the programme. Visit to register now!

Photo courtesy of Kamal Arts
Kamal Arts

A Lighter Side of History: A Batik-ful Hari Raya – Batik Painting Workshop

Saturday, 7 May 2022 | 11am – 1.30pm
Gallery Theatre, Basement Level
$45/pax or $80/pair

Hari Raya Aidilfitri or Hari Raya Puasa marks the end of Ramadan, where Muslims fast and engage in acts of penance for about 30 days. Celebrations revolve around spending time with loves ones and feasting on delicious sweet and savoury dishes. Many families will also wear new clothes in the same hue when they visit their family and friends, sometimes with vibrant batik patterns.

In this special programme that is presented as part of the museum’s Ethnic Festival Celebrations for Hari Raya, hear from batik artist Kamal Dollah, and Desleen Yeo, the founder of Singapore brand YeoMama Batik, as they share what batik means to them. Complementing the talk is a hands-on batik painting workshop conducted by Kamal. Participants can create their own batik painting and even experience using the canting, a pen-like instrument that is used in batik making.

Price for on-site audience includes a presentation and a batik painting set for hands-on session by Kamal Dollah and an exclusive batik mask by YeoMama Batik. Limited spaces available with safe management measures in place.

Enjoy a special discount if you come with your friend/family member. This programme is suitable for all participants from ages 13 and above. Visit to register now!
A small segment of the programme will be livestreamed concurrently on NMS FB. Click here to bookmark the Facebook livestream event now!

Photo courtesy of Kamal Arts
YeoMama 1
Biography of Speakers
Kamal Dollah (featured in the first image) is a Singaporean artist who specialises in batik painting and caricature drawings. Kamal completed his diploma at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) in 1993. He also has a Master of Arts degree in Contemporary Practice from the University of Huddersfield (United Kingdom), with a thesis centred on batik painting in contemporary art. In 2019, he was awarded the Artisan of the Year Award by the Rotary Club of Singapore and in 2020, he entered the Singapore Book of Records by creating the longest community batik as part of Singapore Art Week.

YeoMama Batik is a Singapore brand that uses authentic handmade batik to create clothing for the modern lifestyle. Each piece is handmade from start to finish, empowering the batik craft and community in Indonesia. Founded by Desleen Yeo and her mother (lovingly known as YeoMama) in 2018, the brand believes that everyone deserves to look good and feel good regardless of your age and body shape. It is all about being bold, being batikful, being yeoself!

Hafiz and the Raya Recipes Storytelling

Saturday, 7 May 2022 | 10.30 – 11.15am
The Salon, Level 1

Listen to this unique Hari Raya tale and see how the festive season brings family and friends together. Learn about the different special dishes, smell the aroma and taste the rich flavours of Hari Raya.

Limited spaces available on-site. Price includes 1 set of old-time snacks and a bento box of festive dishes to take home. Participants are reminded to keep their masks on during the programme and refrain from consuming food in the museum premises. Visit to register now!

Family Time

Visit our permanent galleries with your little ones and play spot-the-artefact! Our colourful Early Learning Resources introduce pre-schoolers to our artefacts according to the themes of Numbers, Colours, and ABCs. Available at $8 per set from the Museum Label shop. For more children's activity booklets, click here.

Museum guide

Download our museum guide (English, Chinese, Bahasa Melayu, Tamil) to find out about the many treasures in our various galleries. In this guide, you will also find the floor plan for easier navigation. Enjoy your visit!