Lunar New Year 2022: New Year, New Beginnings

04 Feb 2022 - 05 Feb 2022
Various Venues
Various Timings
Varies with Programmes
Celebrate the Lunar New Year with the National Museum of Singapore!

Usher in the year of the Tiger with a lion dance performance on 4 February, and learn about the different aspects of the Lunar New Year through a variety of programmes on 5 February.
Create your Lunar New Year mementos of coasters with Chinese knots or ceramic art of festive goodies and flowers. Learn more about the significance of the lion dance – an intangible cultural heritage – in a special presentation with a hands-on activity. Look for artefacts related to Lunar New Year in our galleries and stand to receive a special souvenir.

You can also enjoy a performance by a group of talented youth who will present festive songs inspired by vinyl records from the museum’s collection.

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Lion Dance Performance *Livestreamed*

4 February | 6 – 6.45pm
Gallery Theatre, Basement Level | $8 per pax

Welcome the festive season with a rousing lion dance performance by the Kong Chow Wui Koon troupe as we celebrate the Lunar New Year! This year’s presentation will also include a sharing session by lion dancer Lynn Wong as she unravels the symbolism and significance behind the lion dance costumes and performance.

This programme will be livestreamed concurrently on the NMS Facebook page. Click here to bookmark the event now.

Biography of Lion Dance Troupe
Kong Chow Wui Koon, one of the earliest locality-based clan associations in Singapore, was established in 1840. Its kung fu, dragon, and lion dance troupe has been active since 1939, and regularly performs locally and abroad. It is well known for its Southern lion, particularly the Foshan Lion which is associated with the legendary Wong Fei Hong Grandmaster.

Limited spaces available. This programme is not advisable for people with sensitive hearing or unable to withstand loud sounds. Recommended for adults and families with children ages 8 and up. Participants are reminded to keep their masks on during the programme.


A Lighter Side of History: Eye of the Lion – Lion Dance Experiential Workshop by Lynn Wong *Livestreamed*

5 February | 4 – 6pm
Gallery Theatre, Basement Level
$28 per pax or $48 per pair [FULL]

Lunar New Year is an important event in the Chinese calendar. It is a time of reunions and feasting on festive dishes with family and friends. During this joyful season, it is also common to hear the familiar clashing of cymbals and beating of drums accompanying the acrobatic performances by lion dance troupes.

In this special workshop, hear from lion dancer Lynn Wong as she shares about the history, evolution and symbolism of the lion dance performance. Participants can also experience part of the training and performing the lion dance through a series of fun and light-hearted activities during the session.

Limited spaces available. Enjoy a special discount if you come with your friend/parent or grandparent. This programme is suitable for all participants from ages 10 and above. Price includes a presentation and a hands-on session conducted by Lynn. Limited spaces available with safe management measures in place. Please wear comfortable clothing and shoes.

A small segment of the programme will be livestreamed concurrently on NMS FB from 4 – 4.45PM. 
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Biography of Speaker
Lynn Wong is on a mission to uncover, document, and revive Singapore’s disappearing foods, festivals, and heritage. Her research focuses on the Chinese diaspora in Singapore and their involvement in historical places of worship, clan associations, as well as everyday customs.

A Singaporean millennial, she has been with the kung fu, dragon and lion dance troupe at Kong Chow Wui Koon (a locality-based clan established in 1840) for over 17 years. She was the World Champion (Women) at the Inaugural International Hung Kuen Competition 2014 held in Guangzhou, China with competitors from over 16 countries.

Recently, she was nominated as the top 10 finalist for the Straits Times Singaporean of the Year 2021. Photos courtesy of Lynn Wong.
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Chinese Knotting Workshop

5 February | 11am – 12.30pm |
The Salon, Level 1 | $8 per pax [FULL]

Chinese knots, a decorative feature that can be seen during the Lunar New Year, are rich in symbolic meaning. Depending on the design, the knots can be used to convey auspicious greetings of wealth and abundance during the New Year.

Join Mdm Ai Geok from Wearable Craft in a workshop where you can learn about the knotting technique and make your very own coaster.

Limited spaces available. This programme is recommended for families with children ages 8 and up. Please ensure that social distancing and SMM is observed at all times. Participants are reminded to keep their masks on during the programme. Photo courtesy of Wearable Craft.

A Celebratory Journey Through Singapore – A Music Performance by YST

5 February | 1.30 – 2.30pm
Gallery Theatre, Basement Level | Free

Watch this captivating performance as western instruments – like the cello and piano – and a traditional Chinese instrument – the erhu – come together in melodious harmony.

Inspired by vinyl records from the museum’s collection, this unique presentation will be performed, directed and arranged by students of the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music (YST) and guided by composer Syafiqah Adha, an Artist Fellow with YST who is passionate in traditional Malay music.

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Biography of performers
The students are from YST’s Leading and Guiding programme and will be presenting an exciting medley of Chinese New Year songs that have been re-imagined by Year 2 Composition major Chua Zi Tao to capture quintessential sounds and imagery in Singapore. The performance will include an interactive multimedia showcase by Calista Liaw, who will also be playing the erhu alongside Alyssa Goh (violin), Han Huijae (cello), Lee Minjin (flute), Viona Natalie Sanjaya (piano) and Stephanie Joshvin (voice).

Limited spaces available onsite. Participants are reminded not to interact or approach the performers during the programme and to keep their masks on during the programme.

This programme will be livestreamed concurrently on the NMS Facebook page. Photo courtesy of YST.

Drop-in Craft Activity: Miniature Clay Magnets

5 February | 11am – 6pm
The Platform, Level 2 | $8 per craft pack [FULL]

Head to the museum this Lunar New Year for some magical clay fun! Try your hand at crafting festive miniatures from treats like pineapple tarts to flowers such as peach blossoms, which you can then fashion into a magnet to display in your home.

Participants can select 1 design for each ticket purchased. Please note the different designs offered at the following timings. Pictures on the left are for reference purposes only.
- 11am – 1pm: Peonies, Pineapple tarts (top row)
- 2pm – 6pm: Peach Blossoms, Mandarin Oranges (bottom row)

Limited spaces available. Each ticket entitles you to one set of craft materials. This programme is recommended for both adults and families with children ages 6 and up. Each child must be accompanied by an adult. Please ensure that social distancing and SMM is observed at all times and participants are reminded to keep their masks on during the programme.

Photos courtesy of Fun With Artz.

We Celebrate: Lunar New Year

5 February | 11am – 6.30pm
Seminar Room, Level 2 | Free [FULL]

Learn about Lunar New Year through our collection and search for artefacts related to this festival to receive a special token from the museum. Register and participate to receive this year's special edition NMS red packets! 

Suitable for participants aged 13 and above. Parents may wish to participate in the programme with their children. Please remember to maintain safe distancing and keep your masks on at all times. Final registration will be at 5.30pm and the redemption counter will close at 6.30pm. Red packet redemption per pax only.