Khairi Johari

A Lighter Side of History: Unsheathed! The Mystery of the Keris in the Malay Archipelago

25 Aug 2018
The Salon,
Level 1
2pm - 3pm
Free Admission
Spend a meaningful Saturday afternoon with us at the National Museum this August as we bring you talks on an impressive aerial survey of 100 playgrounds across Singapore, and keris, the beautiful but often misunderstood cultural artefact.

The keris is a unique cultural identifier of the indigenous maritime Malays from the Malay Archipelago, not found anywhere else in the world. For centuries, the keris has been linked to shamans and magic, shrouding it in mystery. Come listen to fascinating stories as we shed light on this beautiful artefact. Participants will also get the opportunity to view the speaker’s private keris collection!

Participants who attend this talk will also get the opportunity to view the speaker’s private keris collection!

Speaker Khairi Johari is an IT professional, a writer, and an independent researcher and collector of Malay cultural relics and artefacts. Since 1997, Khairi Johari has dedicated a great deal of his time and resources to thestudy and acquisition of traditional kerises from the Malay Archipelago.Since 2003, Khairi Johari has worked with various cultural organisationsto share his knowledge of the keris.

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