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#MuseumFromHome: Get Curious!

15 May 2020 - 31 Dec 2020

While everyone stays at home during this period, we have planned a series of programmes for you to enjoy the #MuseumFromHome. You can look forward to craft activities, resources and programmes that will be released online every Friday at 10am. Gather materials around the house and follow our craft video tutorials to make your own toys, engage in music and movement activities inspired by our Early Learning Resources, belt out some favourite nursery rhymes together in the privacy of your living room, and more!

Recommended for families with children aged 1 to 10 years.

Email for enquiries.



Enjoyed our #MuseumFromHome: Get Curious! online activities and resources?

1) Take photos of your completed crafts or a video of the fun times you had as a family. We would love to see them so remember to tag us on social media – @natmuseum_sg on Instagram and on Facebook!

2) We would also appreciate you taking 5 minutes to fill in a feedback form here. Thank you and we hope to see you in person at the museum soon!

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Get Curious My Family Stories Kit 1
“Get Curious: My Family's Stories” Kit
Available for download from 15 May | Free | For children, parents and grandparents

We might have to be physically apart from our grandparents during this period, but here’s a way of drawing closer in heart! Discover stories of family members from different generations through this set of conversation cards that cover six topics. Take turns exchanging your stories and look forward to lots of laughter, surprise, empathy and I-never-knew moments!

The kit includes a step-by-step preparation guide to create a dedicated and meaningful family chat session, and “One Step Further” prompts for you to get even more out of the experience.

Are you curious about what family stories you might uncover? Click here to download the kit!

After the session, families can opt to share your stories with the museum and stand a chance to have them featured in our upcoming special exhibition, Home, Truly. Submit your stories through the hyperlink included within the kit by 1 June 2020.

Home, Truly is presented in collaboration with The Straits Times, and explores moments and experiences in our history that express our identity and collective memory as Singaporeans. Featuring archival photographs, artefacts and digital interactives, the exhibition aims to encourage reflection and conversation on what it means to be Singaporean, and to include opportunities for the public to contribute their stories. Home, Truly opens at the National Museum in the second half of 2020.
Craft Templates 2

Crafty Fun! Cube Puzzle, Toy Car & Matchbox
Available for download from 15 May | Free | Ages 4 and up

Print out these templates for an afternoon of crafty fun! Visit our Growing Up gallery (after the museum reopens on 26 June) to see the real artefacts and many other toys popular with children in the past!

Cube Puzzle Download template here
Toy Car & Matchbox Download template here
Moving Memories

Moving Memories Colouring Activity
1 template released each Friday (15 May, 22 May, 29 May, 5 Jun, 12 Jun, 19 Jun, 26 Jun) | Free | For children, parents and grandparents

Want to get creative and find out more about the heritage scenes and sights in Singapore? Grab your colouring materials and download our latest Moving Memories Colouring Activity, which consists of seven mural scenes created by Yip Yew Chong from the Moving Memories installation. The Moving Memories installation, which was first presented at the museum in 2017, can now be enjoyed online, anywhere and anytime.

Enjoy viewing the installation as a family! You might want to invite your parents/grandparents to join you in this activity, and to share stories about their experiences with these heritage scenes and sights of the past.

One colouring template will be made available for download online every Friday at 10am from 15 May 2020 onwards. Watch this space for new releases! 

Download the colouring templates below:

1. Kampung template | Download

2. Kopitiam template | Download

3. Barber template | Download

4. Putu Mayam Hawker template | Download

5. Laksa Stall template | Download

6. Satay Club template | Download

7. Provision Shop | Download

For more inter-generational activities and resources, you may wish to check out our Senior Programmes webpage.

Hoop Throwing Game

Video Tutorials: Be A Creative Toymaker
1 video released each Friday (22 May, 5 Jun, 12 Jun, 19 Jun) | Free | Ages 4 and up

Did you know that many children who grew up in the 1950s to 1960s would use everyday materials they found around their kampong to invent and make their own toys and games? For example, a slingshot could be made by carving fallen branches and discarded car tyres. You too can get creative with a little inspiration from our video tutorials!

Parachute Soldier Toy

A fun and easy toy which many of us learnt to make during primary school Science lessons.
Try out different materials for your parachute and “soldier”! Does a heavier soldier fall faster than a lighter one?


Hoop Throwing Game

Test your dexterity with this game, featuring birds from our William Farquhar Collection of Natural History Drawings! Have you seen any of these birds in Singapore before? You can also design your own birds for this game if you prefer!

Download the Hoop Throwing Game template here

Rocking Horse
This craft activity is inspired by a horse-shaped baby rocking-chair on display in our Growing Up gallery, which was commonly found in households in the 1960s. You might not be able to sit on this one, but perhaps one of your other toys can?

Download the Rocking Horse template here.


Bola Tin

The ball game of choice before bowling alleys existed! The aim of the game is not simply to knock down all the tins, but also to rebuild the pyramid of tins as quickly as possible (depending on which team you’re on)!

Colouring Fun
Colouring Fun! Our Childhood Toys
Available for download from 29 May | Free | Ages 2 and up

Young children can have fun colouring in these images of some of our favourite childhood toys. If you have any of these games at home, you could also have a fun afternoon playing it together!

Five-stones & Pick-up Sticks Download template here
Hungry Hippos Download template here
Gasing Download template here
Wind-up Toys Download template here
The Nursery Rhymes Project

The Nursery Rhymes Project: Online Interactive Storytelling
13 Jun | 11am (30 min) | Free | Ages 2 – 8

Meet Kaya and Roti, who love to tell stories and sing nursery rhymes!

Growing up, nursery rhymes not only sparked our curiosity about the world, they were also our first exposure to language. Grab the kids and join us for an interactive storytelling session featuring The Theatre Practice’s beloved Imagine Our Songs characters, Kaya and Roti! Sing along to this high-energy, interactive performance before unleashing your imagination and creating new stories with the actors, on the livestream itself!

This performance is conducted in Mandarin.

The performance has participatory elements and is best enjoyed as a live-stream. The live-stream will start promptly at 11am, and a recording of the live-stream will be accessible until 14 Jun, 11.30am.

NMS and The Theatre Practice have developed a resource pack that includes song lyrics, conversational prompts based on the show (in both Mandarin and English), and other activities for families to extend their experience after the performance.

Register here to receive access to the live-stream and resource pack.

Visit here for more information about the Nursery Rhymes Project.

Early Learning at the National Museum: Three online booklets and accompanying resource kits for parents
Available for download from 26 Jun – 10 Jul (see detailed schedule below) | Free | Ages 1 – 6

The Early Learning Resources are a set of three colourful booklets which introduce pre-schoolers to the museum’s artefacts according to the themes of Numbers, Colours, and ABCs. Usually retailing at $8 per set from our Museum Label shop, the booklets are now available for free download for a limited period only!

To better support parents and caregivers in using the Early Learning Resources at home, we have also developed a special resource kit with Wigglepods, comprising activity guides and audio/video clips to encourage children to learn about the museum’s collection through fun music and movement activities.

Psst! We would still encourage you to purchase a physical set of booklets the next time you visit the museum, as they also include handy maps to kick-start your spot-the-artefact journey through our permanent galleries!


Download the Early Learning Resource booklet here, from 26 Jun (Fri) to 2 Jul (Thu) only!

Download the Online Resource Kit here!


Download the Early Learning Resource booklet here, from 3 Jul (Fri) to 9 Jul (Thu) only!

Download the Online Resource Kit here!


Download the Early Learning Resource booklet here, from 10 Jul (Fri) to 16 Jul (Thu) only!

Download the Online Resource Kit here!

Bite sized heritage

Bite-sized Heritage
From 4

Bite-sized Heritage brings Singapore's history to life through a video recipe series of edible treats, inspired by selected artefacts from the National Museum. Explore Singapore's history from your kitchen through bite-sized facts and trivia about fascinating artefacts, such as the Singapore Stone! These simple video tutorials are suitable for everyone to enjoy, and a great family bonding activity. Create your very own slice of history today!

Bite sized Heritage Cookies and Cream Puff inspired by the Singapore Stone!
Click here for the recipe!


Bite-sized Heritage – Layered “Cup” Cake inspired by Gold Earrings and Armlet
Click here for the recipe!


Bite-sized Heritage – Layered “Cup” Cake inspired by Gold Earrings and Armlet
Click here for the recipe



National Day Colouring Competition 2020: The Padang of Singapore
20 July – 1 August (11.59pm)
*Extended to 2 August (11.59pm)!

For the young ones: share your ideas for the Padang! Do you know what the Padang was like in the 1800s? Who went there, and what kind of activities took place in the area? How would you like the Padang to look like in the future?

Drawing inspiration from the museum’s artefact, The Padang in Singapore (1851) by John Turnbull Thomson, we invite our young audiences up to the age of 13 to share how they would turn the Padang into a place for people to enjoy!

Watch this video to find out more!

To participate:  Please refer to the Terms and Conditions 

Download the template here:

Please submit your completed artwork here! All submissions must be received by 11.59pm on 1 August 2020.

The programme and prizes are supported by STAEDTLER and ArtWorks.
You can help support initiatives like this by clicking here.

Timmy Tammy1
Timmy and Tammy at the National Day Parade Storytelling and Games Session *live-streamed*
8 August, 11am (45 min) | Ages 4 and up

Join us for this live session where children can listen to the story of Timmy & Tammy at the National Day Parade, and have a fun-filled time with activities such as a game of charades and a finish-the-lyrics challenge!

Watch this video to make your very own Parachute Soldier as a pre-session activity. See you soon!

The live-stream will take place on the National Museum of Singapore’s Facebook page. A recording of the session will be available after the event.
ND Storying Programme

Nat’s National Day Wish Storytelling Programme
9 August | Ages 5 and up

“I wish I can be a soldier with Papa and Yeye (Mandarin for grandfather) in an aircon room!”

This National Day, the museum presents Nat’s National Day Wish, a storytelling programme for families. Join 5-year-old Nat, Papa and Yeye on their visit to our Singapore History Gallery, where they will share their stories and learn about the history of National Service in Singapore!

Video will be available on 9 Aug.

Workshop Kelly Reedy

Live-stream Workshop: My Colourful Self
9 August, 10am (45 mins) | Ages 4 – 12

In this artmaking workshop, learn more about the characteristics of Singapore’s national flower, the Vanda Miss Joaquim, and how it represents Singapore’s identity. Art therapist Kelly Reedy will share how art can help us express who we are and how we can enjoy the process of drawing and painting using mixed media materials!
Don’t forget to download and print out your own orchid template here, and prepare your art materials before the session!

Recommended materials: Participants should prepare 3 pieces of A4 (or larger) size paper, either a set of oil pastels or wax crayons along with watercolour paints OR a set of watercolour pencils. Please also have available a brush, a container with water and paper towelling.

This programme is presented in collaboration with STAEDTLER and ArtWorks for Wellbeing (

The live-stream will take place on the National Museum of Singapore’s Facebook page. A recording will remain available after the event.

Performer Puppet

DIY Craft: Performer Puppets
Video and template available from 20 May

Try out this fun craft activity with your little ones! Download the template here and watch the video on how you can create your own performer puppets using materials that you can find at home.

Quill Art
Paper Quilling Craft Activity
Sat, 20 Jun

Learn a creative way to craft decorative paper art through quilling. In this DIY video, all you need are coloured papers and glue to create unique designs such as a mosque and ketupat! These art pieces can then be used to beautify gift boxes, picture frames or cards.
Dragon boat stationery tray

Dragon Boat Stationery Tray Craft Activity
Thu, 25 Jun

Do something fun with your little ones in celebration of Duan Wu Jie (Dragon Boat Festival) and watch our video to create your very own stationery trays using milk cartons and craft materials that can easily be found at home. These trays are great for storing letters, stationeries and knick-knacks.

Download the craft template here!

Photo courtesy of Happier Singapore LLP.

Family Time

Visit our permanent galleries with your little ones and play spot-the-artefact! Our colourful Early Learning Resources introduce pre-schoolers to our artefacts according to the themes of Numbers, Colours, and ABCs. Available at $8 per set from the Museum Label shop. For more children's activity booklets, click here.

Museum guide

Download our museum guide (English, Chinese, Bahasa Melayu, Tamil) to find out about the many treasures in our various galleries. In this guide, you will also find the floor plan for easier navigation. Enjoy your visit!