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Polaroid Closing Month Special

12 Mar 2019 - 31 Mar 2019
Exhibition Gallery 2,
Basement Level
10am - 7pm
Free Admission at various timings

Catch our special exhibition In an Instant: Polaroid at the Intersection of Art and Technology during our final month before it ends 31 March! Premiering in Asia for the first time, the exhibition features over 220 Polaroid artworks and artefacts produced during the height of its popularity. Spend a picture-perfect weekend with us and be entertained by local radio DJs and social media personalities, including a special appearance by Preetipls, who is also featured in the exhibition!

Snap an “instant photo” and make your very own Polaroid-inspired frame, before indulging in some retail therapy at the art market.

Ice Cream Giveaway

Lunchtime in an Instant
Weekdays, 12–15, 18–22 & 25–29 March 2019 | 12pm – 2pm
Outside Exhibition Gallery 2, Basement Level | Free
 (*While stocks last)

Looking for a quick lunchtime activity to energise yourself for the rest of the work day? Drop by the National Museum to visit the “In an Instant: Polaroid at the Intersection of Art and Technology” exhibition for free. Plus, enjoy a cool Polaroid-inspired ice cream on us to beat the hot weather!

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In an Instant: Polaroid at the Intersection of Art and Technology
Now till 31 March 2019 | 10am - 7pm
Exhibition Gallery 2, Basement Level
Free admission on 16, 23, 24, 30 & 31 March
Free admission for seniors and students daily

Go on an adventure at the National Museum of Singapore! Explore In an Instant: Polaroid at the Intersection of Art and Technology and discover a nostalgic flashback to the heyday of Polaroid.

In an Instant: Polaroid at the Intersection of Art and Technology examines the social phenomenon of instantaneity and presents the history of Polaroid photography through a creative interplay of art and technology. It offers a nuanced and unique approach by showcasing a wide range of Polaroid artefacts and artworks produced during the height of its popularity, while exploring the impact of instant photography and culture of instantaneity on people today.

The exhibition provides food for thought on how social media is arguably an extension of the Polaroid experience and what “in an instant” means today. Discover interactive experiences and be a part of the conversation, which includes diverse observations about the digital landscape from familiar voices in our local community. Interactive experiences include themed photography opportunities, a photo booth, and a selfie station.

Feeling inspired? Join the accompanying photography programmes to pick up pointers and hone your craft. Programme highlights include talks by photographers, collectors and enthusiasts; workshops on photography and alternative photographic processes.



Meet-and-Greet in an Instant
16, 23, 24, 30 & 31 March | Various Timings
Outside Exhibition Gallery 2, Basement Level | Free Admission

Hear (and watch!) your favourite radio DJs from Class 95, 987, YES 933, Love 972, Ria 89.7FM and Oli 96.8FM, as well as social media personalities from SGAG and Preetipls! Participate in exciting games and giveaways, as they share more about the museum’s permanent galleries, and their favourites from In an Instant: Polaroid at the Intersection of Art and Technology.

Art Market in NMS

Art Market in an Instant
Saturdays, 23 & 30 March 2019 | 12pm – 7 pm
Outside Exhibition Gallery 2, Basement Level | Free Admission

Indulge in an afternoon of retail therapy in this specially-curated art market in collaboration with The Local People, and bring home some one-of-a-kind handicrafts, creative knick-knacks and locally-made products!

PhotoBooth Image

Photos in an Instant
Saturdays and Sundays, 16, 23, 24, 30 & 31 March 2019 | 12pm – 5pm
Exhibition Gallery 2, Basement Level

Inspired by the Polaroid artworks? Snap a photo of your #InanInstantatNMS moment at the photo booth and share them with us on Facebook and Instagram!

Art In an Instant

Art in an Instant
Sundays, 24 & 31 March 2019 | 2pm – 4pm

Design and bring home your very own Polaroid-inspired frame to add a Polaroid touch to every photo, instantly!


Balloon Fun in an Instant
Saturdays & Sundays, 16, 23, 24, 30 & 31 March 2019 | 12pm – 5pm
Exhibition Gallery 2, Basement Level | While stocks last

Watch the last section of the exhibition transform into a colourful space filled with balloons, as you learn about the intimate reflections on “The New Instant” shared by our familiar local social media personalities. Be sure to take one home as a keepsake!

Brandon Ong

Guided Tour and Polaroid Photowalk of In an Instant: Polaroid at the Intersection of Art and Technology by Brandon Ong
Saturdays, 23 & 30 March | 3pm - 5pm
Exhibition Galleries, Basement
Click on the dates below to register!

23 March
30 March

In this photowalk, you will embark on a guided tour at the In an Instant: Polaroid at the Intersection of Art and Technology exhibition, and will be able to experience a hands-on session to capture your favourite shots around the National Museum of Singapore. Additionally, you will also be able to experience the use of various models ranging from vintage cameras to the latest in Polaroid's new renaissance. As a plus, all the instant photo shots you taken during the photowalk belong to you!

Conducted by Brandon Ong from OKB Polaroid Store. Tickets are priced at $40, inclusive of camera rental, a pack of film and a $10 discount voucher to spend at OKB Polaroid Store. While you are welcome to bring your personal Polaroid cameras for the photowalk, please note that photo identification is needed for rental of cameras during the event.

About Brandon Ong

Brandon’s first Polaroid moment occurred 20 years ago, during a family trip to Thailand in 1998. At the time, a photo of him and his family was shot at the zoo, on a Polaroid camera that was loaded with one of the best batches of SX70 TimeZero film that was ever made. It was only 15 years later that the photo from that family trip resurfaced, igniting his passion, which slowly grew to a collection consisting of over 70 cameras that spanned the history of Polaroids. As part of his passion project, Brandon also runs OKB Polaroid Store, promoting instant photography and giving advice to other photography enthusiasts about Polaroids in general.

Family Time

Visit our permanent galleries with your little ones and play spot-the-artefact! Our colourful Early Learning Resources introduce pre-schoolers to our artefacts according to the themes of Numbers, Colours, and ABCs. Available at $8 per set from the Museum Label shop. For more children's activity booklets, click here.

Museum guide

Download our museum guide (English, Chinese, Bahasa Melayu, Tamil) to find out about the many treasures in our various galleries. In this guide, you will also find the floor plan for easier navigation. Enjoy your visit!