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32nd Singapore International Film Festival at the National Museum

27 Nov 2021 - 05 Dec 2021
Gallery Theatre,
Basement Level
Various Timings
Ticketing charges apply
The Singapore International Film Festival (SGIFF) is back at the museum this year!

The 32nd edition presents a diverse, inclusive range of over 100 films by filmmakers from all over the world. These carefully selected films speak of memories, emotions, inspired conversations and discussions – that together celebrate the continuity of film and storytelling in the cinematic community.

Catch a selection of films at the National Museum. Visit https://sgiff.com for details and to purchase your tickets.


Tongpan Thumbnail

27 November, Saturday, 1.30pm

Isan Film Collective | Thailand | 62 Min | PG13 (Some Mature Content)

A sombre look at the brief period of Thai democracy in the ’70s through the proposed construction of a dam in rural Isan.

Letters from the Silence Thumbnail
Double Bill: A Night of Knowing Nothing and Letters from the Silence
27 November, Saturday, 7pm

A Night of Knowing Nothing
Payal KAPADIA | India, France | 97 Min | TBA | Southeast Asian Premiere

At once exquisite and volatile, this docu-fictional work is a deeply felt portrait of contemporary Indian youth on the shores of love, art and politics.

Letters from the Silence
Prap BOONPAN | Thailand | 6 Min | TBC | International Premiere

This silent film depicts two letters written in 2006 following a military coup in Thailand that ousted then prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra.
On the Other Side Thumbnail

On the Other Side
28 November, Sunday, 3.30pm

Iván GUARNIZO | Colombia, Spain | 83 Min | PG13 | Asian Premiere

A poignant documentary that follows the journey of two brothers to find their mother’s former captor, now a target for political execution.

The Day Today Thumbnail
Double Bill: The Day Today and Future Shock
28 November, Sunday, 7pm

The Day Today
Maxence STAMATIADIS | France | 67 Min | NC16 | Asian Premiere

A funny, fatalistic satire of life in the digital age that mixes documentary with dystopia and sci-fi flourishes in its depiction of the ups and downs of a relationship.

Future Shock
SU Hui-Yu | Taiwan | 20 Min | PG | Southeast Asian Premiere

“The future comes too soon and in the wrong order,” said Alvin TOFFLER. A contemporary artist looks back at futures imagined by writers and cities of the past.

Moon, 66 Questions
29 November, Monday, 8.30pm

Jacqueline LENTZOU | Greece, France | 108 Min | PG13 (Some Coarse Language) | Southeast Asian Premiere

A free-spirited, estranged daughter finds that the world, once her oyster, has shrunk to a walking distance from her immobilised father.

Children of the Enemy Thumbnail
Children of the Enemy
3 December, Friday, 8pm

Gorki GLASER-MÜLLER | Swedish, Denmark | 99 Min | TBA | Asian Premiere

A stirring and heart-rending portrait of one man’s lonely battle to save his grandchildren from a Syrian prison camp, against his government’s inaction.
Worship Thumbnail
4 December, Saturday, 3.30pm

Uruphong RAKSASAD | Thailand | 98 Min | NC16 | World Premiere

This kaleidoscope of contemporary Thailand’s spiritual worship doubles up as a penetrating portrait of the devout public.
Smoke and Fire Thumbnail

Double Bill: Smoke and Fire and Tungus
4 December, Saturday, 8pm

Smoke and Fire
WANG Tuo | China | 31 Min | PG | Southeast Asian Premiere

In this poetic and layered work about clashing value systems, a death results in a migrant worker's simmering desire for revenge, triggering further acts of violence.

WANG Tuo | China | 69 Min | PG | Southeast Asian Premiere

This conclusion to WANG Tuo’s film tetralogy on Northeast China depicts the deep psychical and psychological ties between countries, peoples and conflicts that span space and time.

The Flame Thumbnail
The Flame
5 December, Sunday, 1pm

Arfan SABRAN | Indonesia, Qatar | 76 Min | PG | Singapore Premiere

A spirited elderly indigenous activist in Indonesia fights for legal rights to a patch of forest that his village has been inhabiting for generations.
Can Sound Be Currency Thumbnail
Double Bill: How to Improve the World and Can Sound Be Currency?
5 December, Sunday, 3.30pm

How to Improve the World
NGUYỄN Trinh Thi | Vietnam | 47 Min | PG | Southeast Asian Premiere

An experimental documentary on the impact of war and westernisation on indigenous aural cultures in the Central Highlands of Vietnam.

Can Sound Be Currency?
LIU Chuang | China | 20 Min | PG | Southeast Asian Premiere

A provocative and poetic meditation on the subversive yet politically ambiguous power of myth over China’s rural landscape.

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